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Hymen Restoration

Hymen Restoration | Hymenoplasty


Restoring Your Virginity – For Him and For Yourself

Hymenoplasty Surgery | Hymen Restoration in Mumbai, IndiaEver wondered if restoring virginity was an option? And by restoring virginity, we don’t mean undoing things of the past but rather restoring the one mark that represents virginity. Yes it is possible with a surgery called Hymenoplasty. The virginity of a woman may be valued for various religious, social, and even economic reasons. The hymen is a ring-like skin membrane that sits in the lower 1/3rd of the vagina. It marks the spot where the vulvovaginal bulbs fuse with the Mullerian ducts from above then hollow out to form the vagina during a girl’s embryonic life. Hymen is a membrane which is partly absorbed in center to form a passage for exit of menstrual blood.

Hymen – A Peculiar Element

This particular element of the female reproductive organs is certainly very peculiar. Hymen meaning ‘membrane’ in Greek can be of various kinds –

  • Imperforate – the vaginal opening is completely blocked by the membrane and is usually diagnosed at birth itself although very rarely in teenagers too
  • Microperforate – the opening is mostly covered by the membrane except for a tiny hole or several tiny holes for the menstrual blood to flow out
  • Septate – the hymen has an extra band of tissue that divides the opening into two passages

The most common kind of hymen is shaped like a half moon near the vaginal opening. The hymen can be broken due to several reasons and usually although not always, some bleeding will be experienced –

  • Sexual intercourse which is a common reason
  • Fingering, use of tampons or nay kind of insertions
  • Strenuous physical activity like gymnastics or stretches
  • Accidents, falls or any other trauma

Hymenoplastyor Hymen Repair/Reconstruction or Re-virgination procedure restores this membrane as it was naturally for whatever societal, personal, traumatic or family reasons you may want to do so for. Since while restoring the hymen, the vaginal walls are tightened naturally, it can definitely lead to better sensation thereby sprucing up your sex life.

Procedure for Restoring Hymen

The procedure is simple and takes around 40 minutes to an hour for full completion. You’ll be able to go home after another hour spent under medical care. There are various methods for reconstructing hymen and Dr. Milan Doshi – founder of Allure Medspawill have a thorough one-on-one consult with you as to what would be most suitable for you. Remember this surgery can work both ways – you can get your hymen reconstructed or get your hymen ruptured if it’s blocking the opening causing several other complications. Complete transparency and confidentiality is guaranteed along with great post-op care and realistic results. The doctor’s post op instructions will need to be strictly followed and within first two weeks good healing can be experienced. Penetrative sex can be resumed after four to six weeks post this surgery. Therefore if you’re looking to get this procedure done you’ll need to time it according to the timeline of the healing and your monthly cycle.

Give Yourself a Virgin’s Joy!


Before & After

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When can I resume my normal activities?

In most cases, you can return to work within 1 hr. You will need to avoid any heavy lifting or physical activity for approximately 2 to 3 days. However, patients recover at different rates and it is important that you listen to your body.

When can I Travel or fly back?

In most cases, you can travel or fly back on the same day. you need only 2-4 hr rest after Hymenoplasty. this procedure in general don’t required any kind of follow up visits.

How much does Hymenoplasty surgery cost?

For an estimate on how much Hymenoplasty surgery may cost, we recommend that you call Allure medspa on +91 9869041559 for our latest Hymenoplasty surgery prices. For specific information based on your individual needs, we will be happy to arrange a consultation. Contact Allure medspa today for more information on Hymenoplasty – we’re the India’s experts in Hymenoplasty surgery.


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