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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation | Breast Implant | Breast Enlargement


Enhance Your Breast or Boost Your Confidence

Breast Augmentation, Breast Implant, Breast Enlargement Mumbai, India

Breast augmentation or Breast implants surgery has never been simpler, safer, or so popular. Now you can have the shape and the size you want with the most natural look right here in Mumbai! Are you considering breast augmentation surgery? Alluremedspa has helped hundreds of women achieve the larger, fuller breasts they’ve always wanted. Yes, it’s more common than you may know.

Choose Alluremedspa for your breast Implants and you’ll benefit from the expertise of our experienced surgeons and nurses. Breast Augmentation Surgery has never been simpler, safer, or so popular. Enquire about breast augmentation surgery or book a consultation.

How does it work?

This Breast surgery involves putting silicone breast implants underneath the breast tissue to increase their size. The implants vary in size and shape for which your surgeon will be the best person to consult with. The implants are said to last for a decade but often they last quite longer without any issues. They do not affect breast-feeding although they do interfere with mammography unless you’ve already informed your testing doctors.

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What happens in the surgery?

After a mammogram is taken, your doctor will explain the surgical procedure to you in detail advising you about the level of risk involved. During the procedure, general anaesthesia will be administered to you and once it is effective the procedure will begin. Meanwhile surgery markings may be made on your breasts and a picture will be clicked for the confidential “before and after” requisite in all cases. Compressions garments beforehand along with anti-clotting medication may be required in your procedure in case you’ve chances of clotting anywhere in the body. All this will be pre-decided with you after your initial examination itself. Incision can be made in three areas

  • Crease under your breast
  • Around the areola which is the dark area around the nipples
  • Near the armpit

The implants are then placed above or below the chest muscles and then the incision sites are stitched up. The stitches will be removed on a later date unless they are dissoluble scarring will fade over a few months’ span. Initially the breasts may feel firm and swollen but after a few weeks will be back to normal. Pain medication, support bra and instructions will be given by your team of surgeons/doctors for a safe and quick recovery. Normal activities may be resumed around a month later though that totally depends upon individual healing mechanism and the extent of the breast enlargement.

Post-op recovery and care

Once the breast augmentation surgery is performed, you may be kept under observation and hence, may have to spend a night in the clinic itself. Apart from that, sleeping straight and upright is something you will have to follow religiously at least for a few weeks.

As far as discomfort is concerned, you chest may feel heavy and tight right after the surgery and breathing could be an issue. On returning home, you will be advised to take complete rest for some time and over-the-counter pills may be recommended to get relief from pain and swelling. You will be warned not to perform any strenuous physical activity. Driving is another activity you may not be able to perform. You surgeon will guide you about taking care of yourself after the surgery.

The symptoms will persist for several weeks but you will need to cope up with the changes to achieve the desired result. Your surgeon may also advise you to wear surgical bra to give support to your breasts.

Why Choose Us for Breast Implant Surgery?

With Alluremedspa, you can have the curvaceous contours you’ve always longed for thanks to a range of safe, effective breast implant surgery procedures, from breast enhancement to nipple correction. All patients requesting breast implants or augmentation will receive expert advice through consulting with breast augmentation professionals before undergoing surgery. What’s more, your relationship with Allure Medspa won’t end as soon as your breast augmentation surgery is over – we pride ourselves on offering our patients regular post-op checkups to ensure you’re making good progress. Contact Cosmetic Surgery Center- Alluremedspa for more information on breast augmentation surgery, order a brochure or request a call back.

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Cost of Breast Augmentation Procedure

One of the important concern while undergoing a surgery is its cost. We first tend to search for the cost of the surgery in internet or by making calls to determine whether it will fit our budget. Sometimes we skip the idea of undergoing the surgery if we get the slightest hint that the surgery is not within our reach.

Breast Augmentation is one thing that a women want to have to enhance her body. The cost of the process varies depending on various factors. We at Allure Medspa located at the heart of Mumbai conducts the procedure with much accuracy and with ease. The surgery is conducted by the ace surgeon Dr. Milan Doshi, who has carved a name for himself in the field of breast augmentation surgery.

It is always advised to consult an experienced doctor to enhance any of your body part. You should not take chance with your body and body parts. Repairing it will be more costlier. The fee of a surgeon for breast augmentation may vary based on his or her experience, the type and cost of breast implants used, as well as geographic office location. The Allure Medspa in India is known for its affordable prices. Many clients from abroad fly here to get a desired breast of their choice.

The cost for Breast augmentation may include:

  • The fees of Anesthesia
  • Cost that is included in the Hospital or surgical facility
  • Medical tests
  • Post-surgery garments that will be provide to you
  • Prescriptions for medication that the surgeon will provide
  • Most importantly the fees of a surgeon

Your satisfaction should be the top most priority. It is more than the fee. While considering a surgeon, it is equally important to consider the experience of the surgeon and your rapport with him or her. The surgeon should be a good listener and be your friend. Your comfort level with the surgeon is equally important as your cost of the surgery.

We at Allure Medspa provide exactly what you have been looking for. We have a team of well-qualified doctors and dieticians, who will take your full care. You will be fully confident and assured with our services. 

Before proceeding the surgery, there are important requirements. You need to fill a form and send photographs of the concerned area that you want to get treated. You are assured that you will get maximum benefit from our services.


Who is breast augmentation surgery for?

Women who:

  • Want to regain or enhance their figure after having children
  • Want to regain breast size after weight loss
  • Have a longstanding unhappiness with their breast size
  • Just want to enhance their appearance
  • Want to boost self confidence
  • Want to correct uneven or deformed breasts, or a congenital absence of breasts

What size can I increase my breasts to with Breast augmentation Surgery?

Your surgeon will discuss with you the cup size you would like to achieve from your breast augmentation. This is normally a maximum increase of two to three cup sizes.

What does breast augmentation surgery involve?

Breast augmentation involves inserting implants behind the breast. The procedure is carried out under general anaesthetic and requires no more than an overnight hospital stay.

What should I know before I decide to go ahead with breast augmentation surgery?

Before you decide to go ahead with breast augmentation surgery, it’s vital to have a thorough one-to-one medical consultation with a surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation surgery. We will explain the improvements you can realistically expect, taking into account your age, skin texture and the existing shape and position of your breast tissue and nipples.

Are there any risks to breast augmentation surgery?

Complications as a result of breast augmentation surgery are extremely rare, but this will be discussed with you in detail at your consultation. The modern implants Allure Medical Spa use ensures that the risk of capsular contracture (or encapsulation) has never been so low.

Will my breasts look and feel natural after Breast Augmentation?

Yes. During the first few weeks your breasts will feel firm and swollen, but pert. Once the breasts have settled, they’ll soften to a more natural appearance and feel.

Will I experience any pain after Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Most women experience some tenderness (rather than actual pain) following breast augmentation surgery and take pain relief for up to one week afterwards.

How long should I take off work?

Normally you should take 7-10 days off work. You may be advised to take more time off if your job involves any lifting or carrying.

Can I expect aftercare post Breast Augmentation surgery?

We take a special pride in our excellent levels of post-operative support and aftercare. To monitor your progress, we will invite you back to Allure Medical Spa at prescribed intervals after your breast enhancement surgery for follow-up examinations with your surgeon or our nursing staff.

How much does breast augmentation surgery cost?

For an estimate on how much a breast augmentation may cost or to arrange consultation call Allure Medical Spa on +91 9869041559 Breast augmentation Surgery– Allure Medical Spa use modern breast implants to enlarge your breast size giving you curvaceous curves to boost your selfconfidence.


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Wonderfull experience

Oct 17, 2015 by Maria Martin

Hi, I am Maria Martin. I had a lot of issues with the way my breast looked. I lost a lot of weight after my pregnancy. My breast have started looking droopy and saggy. I have tried wearing various garments available in the market to fix the problem. However, none of them is permanent. I cannot wear the dresses that I used to wear before my pregnancy. I started getting too conscious about my body. While searching through the internet, I stumbled upon the Allure Medspa and came to know about Dr. Milan Doshi. I had a small conversation with Dr. Milan Doshi over the telephone. I must say, he is a very warm person and is a good listener. He answered all my queries and asked me to come down to India for the breast augmentation surgery. I am basically from Australia and the cost of the surgery is quite expensive here. I immediately made my tickets for India and went to Allure Medspa. I personally met Dr. Doshi there. Dr. Doshi after evaluating my body type, went ahead with the surgery. The clinic had a very soothing environment and the staff was quite friendly and helpful. After the surgery was done, I could immediately feel the difference. I am a more confident person now. I am no longer conscious about my body image. This is happy me.

Journey Too New Breast Was Super !!!

Dec 15, 2014 by Gherbi, Dubai

The staff was absolutely amazing I was treated like the most important patient in the room. Dr Milan did such an amazing job I’m so glad he thought. I am beyond happy with my results I couldn't have asked for anything better! I highly recommend Dr. Milan Doshi for anyone who is looking to get surgery, he was SUPER nice and listened to my needs and he made me feel so calm and comfortable with everything.

Happy With The Result!!!!

Nov 30, 2014 by Claudia, Namibia

I would like to express my greatest thanks and appreciation to Dr. Doshi and his entire staff. Dr. Doshi has the highest level of professionalism and the warmth, attention and devotion that all patients require. Thank you so much for everything.

Fantastic Result....

Oct 30, 2014 by Geeta, India

Fantastic results from my breast augmentation surgery! I was really nervous before surgery, but now I am so happy that I had the surgery done! Dr. Milan is the best and his team was really professional. Everything went really good, from my first visit to the office, through surgery at Allure MedSpa Center, to my office visits after surgery. I started out an A cup and now I am a perfect C cup. My breasts are so beautiful and natural that nobody knows if I have had them done!
I would give Dr. Milan the highest recommendation. At least 2 of my friends are now having surgery done by Dr. Milan They also think he is very smart and he seems to really care about his patients. He never seems in a hurry and always spends extra time answering my questions. I don’t think any surgeon could do a better job. Go see Dr Milan he really is the best!

Excellent Result ..

Sep 14, 2014 by Suraia, Mozambique

A great doctor is essential for a great breast augmentation. My breasts are fuller, natural looking, and lifted. I am so glad i decided to go through with the surgery finally and so glad i chose Dr. Milan Doshi for it. I went from a B to C and i look thinner and more confident!

I Love The Way That I Look !!!

Aug 18, 2014 by Puja, India

I had my breast implants surgery. I love the way that I look. Dr Milan makes his patient feel confidence, he is always willing to answer any questions and concern. He is a very good doctor and treats patients with professionalism and respect. I will recommend Dr. Milan to all my friends. Thank…

Thank You Dr. Milan

Jun 05, 2014 by Krutika, India

I decided to get implants. I felt no pain during the surgery, was not in any great pain post-op the same day, and was back to work within a week. I felt uncomfortable (chest was slightly heavy/tight) for a couple weeks to a month after, but was fully healed and happy and very satisfied with my results! Thank You Dr. Milan I will surely recommend you to my Friends and Family.

Bestttt experience of my life!!

May 29, 2014 by Geetha, India

Bestttt experience of my life! Best doctor I could have found! He helped every step of the way! He was soooo professional, welcoming and I always felt more than comfortable in his center! His staff was so accommodating and all my questions got answered immediatley! I had a great referral and I am so glad I found the doctor for me b/c I didn\'t really know what I wanted and he helped me figure it out and in the end I am SO grateful for his expertise in this field! I wouldn\'t recommend any other doctor!!! Started out as a 32 A, small B and now I am a 32D and I LOVE it!!! Recovery has been smooth and easy so far, I am listening to Dr\'s directions and any time I call he gives me answers right away and my expectations have been MORE THAN exceeded with this whole experience!

Allure Medspa , USA 4.6 5.0 8 8 Hi, I am Maria Martin. I had a lot of issues with the way my breast looked. I lost a lot of weight after my pregnancy. My breast have started looking droopy and saggy. I have tried

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