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Brazilian Buttock Lift

Brazilian Buttock lift


Yearning for an Hourglass Figure?

Brazilian Buttock lift in Mumbai, India

Drooping or shapeless buttocks are no new phenomena. A good many reasons may be responsible, some of the common ones being –

  • Ageing
  • Too much or too little exercise
  • Pregnancy
  • Unusual weight gain

It’s no wonder: in virtually all cultures, shapely buttocks have always been one of the most important determinants of the female figure. Moreover, modern fashion reveals more body parts, making us more aware of our imperfections, however slight. Yet another factor driving women to cosmetic surgeons for such surgeries is actually too much working out and athletics. Some women are so physically fit; they have lost virtually all the fat from their buns, making those rear ends too flat. The most common reasons observed are –

  • Older women generally want to bulk up their deflating buttocks
  • Younger women want a rounder shape and firmness for their buttocks

If you’re looking for making your bottom curvaceous, Allure Medspa has just the solution for you.

What is a Brazilian Buttock Lift?

Brazilian women are known to have a curvaceous body especially their derrieres. This is why the surgical procedure we’re offering here is named so. A Brazilian Buttock Lift involves harvesting fat from more fleshy areas of the body such as love handles, lower tummy, side of the thighs and replanting it in the buttocks, a technique known as “fat grafting”. Fat can even be harvested from the sides of the buttocks to make the patient’s rear end narrower while making the peak of the butt more pronounced. Of course, the outcome of the procedure depends on the patient’s wishes, the surgeon’s experience and the patient’s anatomy which will be either round, square V or A-shaped bottoms.

Brazilian Buttock lift in Mumbai, India Brazilian Buttock lift in Mumbai, India Brazilian Buttock lift in Mumbai, India Brazilian Buttock lift Surgery in Mumbai, India

At times, this surgery may also be combined with a Buttock Augmentation Procedure. A slight lift for the entire buttock region may also be required in case of excessive sagging of skin despite the fat additions. If a patient is too thin then she may be asked to return after putting on some weight.

The Procedure and Aftermath

During a Brazilian Buttock lift Surgery, your own fat from other parts of the body where it isn’t required is transferred to your buttocks. Hence there’s no difficulty of compatibility or rejection of the fat. If you do not have enough fat for fat grafting or transfer, buttock augmentation is more suitable for you. There’s minimal bruising as is with all surgeries which resolves within a couple of weeks post surgery. It takes around three months for the grafted fat to stabilize and complete results to show. Depending on the extent of the procedure, a support garment will be advised for a particular duration and normal activities can be resumed usually after 3-4 weeks although this highly varies from person to person.

Brazilian Lift – For Wicked Rear Curves!

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Who would best represent an ideal candidate for Brazilian Buttock Augmentation Surgery?

The ideal candidate for Buttock Augmentation Surgery is in good health, within normal weight ranges and wears an eight to 12 dress size. But if a potential patient wears a size two to four dress, she may not have enough fat to spare. That’s one case in which the surgeon may ask her to go home and gain some weight before again being evaluated.

Benefits to Buttock Augmentation Surgery Procedure

Benefits include a trimmer, often athletic-looking rear end which enhances the most current fashions in slacks, dresses, workout garb, bathing suits (including thongs!) and other revealing garments. As with other surgical rejuvenations, you will most likely enjoy an increase in self-esteem and confidence after everything heals.

What to expect after Undergoing Buttock Augmentation Surgery?

After the Buttock Augmentation Surgery procedure, the patient’s tush may look boxy because of the swelling. But the swelling, along with some bruising, should only last about 48 hours. The typical period of down time after the operation is few days. Also, the typical patient must sleep on her stomach for about ten days while wearing a compression garment. Moreover, she can’t drive a car for those ten days and may return to her gym after one month.

Results of Buttock Augmentation Surgery

Results are usually excellent after healing. But human fat in the best of hands can be unpredictable and the body will normally absorb some. Many surgeons who specialize in the technique report that 50 to 75 percent of the fat remains, when injected into the buttocks properly and under all the right conditions. Usually, whatever fat remains after three months will remain permanently. Moreover, patients do not have to worry about rejection because the material added to their butt is their own. And, no pre-testing is required.

However, the prospective patient must also be aware that Buttock Augmentation cosmetic surgery is designed for improvement, not perfection. Patients should have realistic goals and expectations for their buttock augmentation surgery. Women deciding to undergo buttock augmentation surgery must do so for their own reasons, and not anyone else’s. Be sure to discuss your reasons for wanting to undergo this operation with the doctor during your consultation visit. All of these factors will help determine your candidacy for the procedure.

How much does Brazilian Buttock lift surgery cost?

For an estimate on how much a Brazilian Buttock lift may cost or to arrange consultation call Allure Medical Spa on 9869041559


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