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Tummy Lift

Tummy Lift:

tummy-liftAfter considerable weight loss after your pregnancy or any other reason, your tummy muscles tend to sag a little that looks ugly. You get self conscious and shy away from wearing your favorite dress. The tummy lift surgery might be a solution for you.

The benefits of Tummy Lift:

A tummy Lift  is a surgical procedure that removes the loose skin and tightens the muscles up. It can even remove stretch marks. The result is a firm, tight tummy muscles that will boost up your confidence.

Different Procedures for Tummy Lift:

After evaluating your body type, age, your surgeon will discuss with you about the type of body lift you want to undertake. Generally a tummy tuck is performed using one of these methods, or a variation of them depending on your individual choices:

Standard tummy tuck

In this process, the surgeon will make a long incision into your abdomen running above your pubic area in a curved shape. There will also be a second incision to remove your belly button. Your surgeon will then stretch your tummy muscles and stitch them together for a toned tummy. Excess fat is eliminated and your belly button repositioned. Excess skin is thus removed, the remaining skin is pulled into place and sutures are made.

Modified tummy tuck

In this case excess fat and skin is removed from below your navel area and the muscles are tightened. However, the navel itself will stay at its place.

After surgery care

Your tummy will be swelled up a little bit after the surgery. However, it is quite common and will be subsided in a few weeks time. After the surgery, you will be provided with a tight-fitting support garment. This will help with the speedy healing process. After removing the  garment, you’ll see an immediate improvement, although it may take a few more months for your tummy to settle completely into its new toned, taut state.

Side effects, risks and complications

Tummy Lift is a major operation and there are few risks before you decide to go ahead. At Allure Medspa, you will be taken full care of by Dr. Milan Doshi. Rest assured that you’ll be in expert hands at all times. Dr. Doshi will listen to your queries and will immensely discuss the problem areas with you and accordingly suggest for surgeries. At Allure Medspa, we are  committed to your health and wellbeing. Dr. Doshi will be open and honest to you from beginning to the end.

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