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Adult Gynecomastia

About the process

Man always desire for a well toned body and a well toned chest. Some unfortunate men tend to grow breast, which is a major cause of embarrassment for them. It makes men extremely conscious about themselves. Some men even try to avoid any public interaction and go into the dark phase of depression. They become the butt of jokes among their friend circle.

The deformity is quite common among pre-teenage boys but persist among adults too. The procedure of Adult Gynecomastia will help to resolve the problem.

Causes of  Adult Gynecomastia Surgery

Some of the causes of Adult Gynecomastia are mentioned below:

Some hormonal change in the body is one reason for breast enlargement among men

Some people are on drugs such as heroin and marijuana that adds to the problem

Obesity, certain liver disorders, male breast cancer, aging, puberty, hematoma attribute to the excess secretion of hormone in the body, which in turn add to the problem

The excess estrogen secreted by testicular tumors in males can contribute to Male breast development requiring surgery for their removal

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What is Adult Gynecomastia Procedure

Procedure of Adult Gynecomstia Surgery

Adult gynecomastia is the procedure of reduction of male breast. The surgery starts when the surgeon infuses anesthesia in the body and thereafter makes an incision. The procedure is combined with liposuction. The excess fat tissue is removed during the operation. The incision is made around the nipple area or the areola and after the procedure the incision is closed by making sutures.

Benefits of Adults Gynecomstia Surgery

Some of the benefits of Adult Gynecomstia are:

  • Scars won’t be visible in this surgery. It will blend with the natural contour of your skin.
  • You will get a tighter and firmer chest after the surgery is done.
  • It is a painless procedures as well as no risk is involved.

After the Male breast reduction surgery is done, you will have to take some precautions for quicker healing. Your Cosmetic Surgeon will suggest you to take proper rest and meals after the surgery. In case of swelling or bruises, your surgeon will prescribe some medicines for relief.

Adult Gynecomastia Surgery at Allure Medspa

The surgery can be undertaken in Alluremedspa. Well-known plastic surgeon Dr. Milan Doshi has years of experience of conducting such surgeries. It is quite affordable here and you will receive full comfort and recovery in the process. Visit here for an eventful experience.

What is Adult Gynecomastia Procedure

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