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Alar Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is fast gaining pace in several parts of the world. Today correcting a deformed body part is no longer considered a luxury but a necessity. If services are available, then why not avail the service. Rhinoplasty is one of the many parts of the cosmetic surgery. Rhinoplasty or nose job is done to correct the deformities in our nose. Alar Rhinoplasty is one categorical part of the Rhinoplasty. Alarplasty is mostly done for aesthetical purpose rather than any form of abnormality.

Some people are not happy with the narrow sidewalls of their nose and wants to make a change in it. There is always a solution to any malformation. Alar Rhinoplasty will help to change this deformity. These surgeries are performed by a bunch of expert doctors. Sometimes, these surgeries are performed by some amateur doctors and it might go awry. Awry surgeries mean loss of your money, your time and most importantly a major form of deformity. Therefore, it is always important to consult an expert to conduct these surgeries. In Alluremedspa, celebrated Dr. Milan Doshi will take care and focus on your problems as well as queries.

A face-to-face discussion with your surgeon will provide you with an idea of heading towards the surgery. Doctors will explain the process of the Nose Reshaping surgery, so that there will be no doubts in your mind and you feel more confident.

Alar Rhinoplasty Procedure

The surgeon makes a small incision on either side of the nose. Silicone implants are made or cartilages from any part of the body, mostly taken from the ear are inserted. The procedure takes certain hours to perform. After the surgery, there might be certain swelling or pain but that will subside within few days or weeks. Healing process should be taken very seriously by the patients and doctors advise should be followed. Recovery takes a week or month, therefore the patients should be very careful about continuously washing their face or wearing of glasses, blowing their nose

Celebrated Surgeon: Dr. Milan Doshi

Dr. Milan Doshi‘s well-known clinic Alluremedspa is well-equipped with every type of  provides the best of the service. Most patients talk about the satisfaction they get on visiting the clinic and recommend it to their friends and relatives. After looking at the results of the surgeries in our before-after photos, you can be confident about your choice. The results are sure shot and long term as you are in safe hands.