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Buttock Augmentation For Better Body

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Buttock Augmentation For Better Body

Buttock Implants Surgery in Mumbai, India

What makes a great pair of jeans or pants look better? A well-shaped rear is a right answer. Not many women in the world have perfect, well-shaped buttock. There was a time when women wished to have sleeker, smaller butts, but the times have definitely changed. Today having round and shapely buttock is what women desire. However, sometimes no number of squats or any amount of exercise can give you the perfect buttock that you covet. This is where Buttock Augmentation can help you attain the shape that you want without those tedious painful squats.
The Buttock Implant/ Augmentation is a surgery intended to give a patient’s buttock youthful shape and position. The Buttock Augmentation is performed under General Anesthesia. In a Buttock Augmentation, the buttock muscles (gluteus maximus) is lifted up and a pocket is made just large enough for the implant to be placed in. The implant size available in India is up to 500 cc.  You may require 1 or 2-night stay at the hospital. This procedure is designed to give you a more beautiful buttock. You can resume lighter, non-strenuous office work kind of activities in 10 days. Driving a car will need a few weeks. Heavy, strenuous activities like swimming, dancing, gym will take 3-4 weeks’ time. If you are looking for risk-free, trustworthy clinic look no further than Allure MedSpa. Allure MedSpa’ proactively adopts a De-Risking process for Butt Augmentation. We use the most advanced technology, techniques, instrumentation, medication and anaesthesia for the safest Buttock Augmentation. Our use of new pain management medication makes this procedure almost pain free. You may only bear with some minor discomfort.
Having a great looking buttock is not a matter of great genes or good luck. It’s about making a conscious choice to look great and feel good about yourself. Conquer your feelings of self-doubt and book an appointment for a consultation today.
Our celebrity cosmetic surgeon in mumbai, Dr. Milan Doshi has years of expertise, skills, and experience. Allure MedSpa is the best cosmetic clinic in mumbai that offer solutions to all types of cosmetic surgery related problems.

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