Finally, the blistering heat of the summer is over and the dawn of the rainy season has arrived. Though
we get the much-waited relief from the heat we must not forget that our skin needs care too.
During the rainy season, the humidity levels rise and the weather also gets difficult to predict with
its share of fluctuations. It is necessary to adopt and follow a daily monsoon skincare routine so
that our skin always shows its glow and youth. Here are some tips for you on how to take care
of your skin during the monsoon season:

mansoon Tips for rainy in by Mumbai Dr. Shweta

 Use a soap-free cleanser or mild cleanser
 Keep your skin clean by washing it often
 Don’t forget to exfoliate your skin
 Keep makeup to a minimum
 Use natural clay masks
 Don’t skip sunscreen
 Vitamin C is your friend
 Keep attention to sensitive areas
 Keep yourself hydrated
 Use a nourishing moisturizer
 Use antifungal products
 Don’t drench yourself in rain
 Use a toner
 Don’t take hot shower
If you want to enjoy radiant and glowing skin, then practice the above-mentioned tips during
the monsoon season so that your skin does not feel dull. Beautiful skin is also an indicator

of good health so it is ultimately in your hand how to take care of your skin and make sure
it stays in good shape.