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Hump Reduction

Hump Reduction (also known as Dorsal Hump Reduction)

Hump Reduction, Dorsal Hump Reduction Surgery in Mumbai, IndiaNasal humps do not look too appealing on a face. Few decades back, you had to live through the defect, but the scenario is quite different now. Science has made many discoveries and invention and has changed human lives. One of such invention is the procedure of plastic surgery. Hump Reduction surgery is one such categorical form of plastic surgery. In the Hump Reduction Rhinoplasty, the protruding bump on the nose is reduced through Rhinoplasty surgery.

Hump Reduction Procedure

The procedure for Hump reduction is luckily not at all complicated. However, there are certain steps that has to be followed. In the beginning of the process, the nasal cartilage is separated from the septum, followed by reduction of the cartilage. Thereafter, the bony prominence of the nose is gotten rid of. This process is opten referred by Rhinoplasty Surgeon as the “open roof.” It is closed by delicately reshaping the nasal bones, where the surgeon will close the openings.

Feature and Advantages of Hump Reduction Surgery

There are multifaceted advantage of undergoing a Hump Reduction surgery. You will definitely get rid off of your protruding nose. It will help in enhancing your look and help in bouncing back with confidence. Also known as Dorsal Hump Reduction, the procedure will take few hours to operate. The patient should take proper care and rest after the surgery. Most surgeons give the opportunity of viewing their before and after photos with the help of computer imaging software. You can view the actual sight of the nose before the actual surgery takes place. This gives the patient the benefit to actually discover what they will look like after the Nose reshaping surgery and the additional feature they might like to add up to the hump reduction.

Some patients chose to go ahead with the dorsal hump reduction to just remove the small bump, others decide to opt the nasal hump reduction as well as closing the nostrils and refinishing the entire curve of their nose.

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Hump Reduction Rhinoplasty Surgery in Mumbai, India
Nasal Hump Reduction Surgery in Mumbai, India
Dorsal Hump Reduction Rhinoplasty Surgery in Mumbai, India

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