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Wellness Zone

Any kind of surgery warrants the need to undergo a health checkup. You should take every necessary precaution to prevent any issues with regard to surgery.  A pre-surgery physical and medical exam will be undertaken to ensure you’re healthy enough to undergo any of the procedures we offer.

Health Check Up

This would involve the following procedures as applicable:
Routine Blood Test
Special Blood Test
Radiology / X – Ray Chest
Other Investigation
Physician reference of fitness for operation
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Patient Education

Before starting any procedure, each patient receives counseling, psychiatric evaluation, and cardiopulmonary fitness to ensure he/she are in good health to undergo any treatment. In addition to this, patients may be advised to make lifestyle changes if need be to ensure long-term success of specific treatments. Our counselors also provide weight management education, nutrition counseling and lifestyle modification tips and programmes in case you are looking for help in following a systematic regimen.
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Quality & Safety

Allure MedSpa bears all the hallmarks and exclusivity that make it the leading brand for international aesthetic surgeries. The center is ISO 9001:2008 certified for quality management, accredited by an international organization recognized worldwide.
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