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Allure MedSpa is a premium aesthetic center that provides the best cosmetic surgery in India. This venture has turned out to be nothing short of a miracle for many of our Indian and International patients. We are a proud provider of more than 50 services related to Cosmetic Surgery, Cosmetic treatments and Cosmetic Dentistry.

For international patients Allure MedSpa is a boon, providing competent services at a fraction of cost in comparison to that of similar centers in their home country. The center employs the best technologies to work for you. It follows a professional work culture and is always warm to lend an attentive ear to your cosmetic goals. The center is situated in a prime location in Mumbai, India, frequented by celebrities, due to convenience of location and proximity to important hotspots, entertainment areas, hotels and airport.

The staff at Allure MedSpa have cordial communication skills and respect each patient’s need to maintain the confidentiality of their objectives. The center also has conveniences like free WiFi access and refreshments to ensure you are made to feel at home.