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India is one of the most prominent destinations all around the world for medical treatment. Allure MedSpa is a centrally located institution for specialized treatments and complicated surgeries like cosmetic surgery.

Have you ever imagined what makes India the best option to get cosmetic procedures done? Let us delve into the reasons that make India the best place for getting medical help, especially when it comes to cosmetic surgery:

  •  You get top notch services at affordable price
  • Well qualified and credentialed doctors
  • Experience the convenience customized services

It’s not only about the services and care the country offers,  but also about the growing trends that have made people consider it not only the first but the only best option. As per the estimated figures, almost 1.7 lakh of foreigners fly to the country in search of professional cosmetic treatments each year. They are waiting to get the best health care and cosmetic care services.

In India, special attention is given to ensure international patients feel at home. The country provides better attention and opportunities at limited costs.  These special packages include:

  • Scheduling of appointments
  • Advanced treatment packages
  • Assistance with visa
  • Pick and drop from the airport
  • Hotel reservations
  • Language translator
  • A separate lounge for International patients
  • Preference of International cuisine offered
  • Choice in international cuisine
  • Accessibility to international newspapers and internet access
  • Ambulance pick up at emergency
  • Follow up assistance


Allure MedSpa is a premium aesthetic center that provides the best cosmetic surgery in India. This venture has turned out to be nothing short of a miracle for many of our Indian and International patients. We are a proud provider of more than 50 services related to Cosmetic Surgery, Cosmetic treatments and Cosmetic Dentistry.

For international patients Allure MedSpa is a boon, providing competent services at a fraction of cost in comparison to that of similar centers in their home country. The center employs the best technologies to work for you. It follows a professional work culture and is always warm to lend an attentive ear to your cosmetic goals. The center is situated in a prime location in Mumbai, India, frequented by celebrities, due to convenience of location and proximity to important hotspots, entertainment areas, hotels and airport.

The staff at Allure MedSpa have cordial communication skills and respect each patient’s need to maintain the confidentiality of their objectives. The center also has conveniences like free WiFi access and refreshments to ensure you are made to feel at home.

Why India

A country with young and talented hands, skilled and professional minds and extremely devoted doctors, India is the finest place in the world for medical tourism.

The government has also liberalized norms with regard to providing treatment to foreign patients. Allure MedSpa is one such institute in Mumbai that provides you with quality cosmetic surgery at an affordable cost as compared to many other countries.

The Incredible India tourism campaign also promotes “Atithi Devo Bhava” (the Sanskrit reference that “Guests are to be treated as Gods”), which is a firsthand experience you will notice with the warm hospitality you receive when you land in India.

Patient Assistance

We deeply value our international guests. We support to help you to have an easy travel and stay. We assist in airport pickup, reservations on flights or trains, application for Vedical Visas, seamless communication with majority of English speaking professionals and other medical bookings, estimates of the treatments needed, dieticians on call and international menu, Extensions of Visa services, help with the FRRO, booking hotels or private comfortable stays post surgeries.

We also take care of advance bookings and arrange everything for you based on your requirements. We organize pre-surgical and post-surgical routines for you as well. For quick and easy discharge from Allure MedSpa, we prepare a summary report for you.


For international patients, Allure MedSpa makes arrangements keeping in mind our guests’ comfort. During your stay with us, we provide options of deluxe, private AC rooms, semi-private rooms or common standard rooms.

The rooms are spacious, with clean beds, visitors’ chairs, 24-hour nurses on call, bathrooms and telephone. Special rooms have ACs, spacious and completely automated beds, plasma or LED TVs, couches for seating, wardrobes for storage of clothes or secure lockers for your personal belongings, towels and sheets, special housekeeping and access to free Wi-Fi.

To assist you with our Indian hospitality, we also arrange tours of Mumbai and nearby locations for our International patients.

Billing & Payments
We maintain transparency in our cost quotes, billing and payments. We offer competitive pricing for cosmetic procedures, as compared to treatments elsewhere.

For detailed transactions, taxes or additional charges, our Billing and Administration Department will explain to you our Government norms.

Our pre-requisite requires you to deposit a security amount of $100 at a minimum of five (5) days prior to the treatment. This can be paid through various instruments, including cash, online payment, DD, cheque, or even by debit or credit cards. We accept payments in international currency too.

The invoice is prepared on the same day as a hard copy and e-mailed to you with a thank you note attached.

Patients Testimonials

Mommy Makeover

As a “fun-size” or petite woman, I was always conscious of my physical appearance and weight. My husband and I are both older parents and with age the figure doesn’t always pop back into place after child-bearing and nursing. Nonetheless, after my two successful pregnancies, I was always able to lose the so-called baby weight and return to my normal petite clothing sizes. However, my body morphed from happy and perky to saggy and baggy! (LOL) After years of contemplating and gaining insight from close relatives and friends who have undergone similar procedures, I too took an interest in hopes of gaining my physical appearance and my self-confidence back. Hence the new journey began…

CJC Davis

Buttock Implants

Knowledgeable, talented doctor with the passion. Can trust. He doesn’t perform his work only for money making purpose A very good human been to trust as your doctor for such personal surgeries. I trust his work.



Dr. Milan is a very friendly and personable doctor. He provided what I felt were honest and realistic answers to the questions I had involving the complexity and risks associated with the surgery. He and the staff made me feel very comfortable before, during, and after the surgery. Everyone seemed very competent, and I feel the results of the surgery improved my overall appearance. I don’t know what the final outcome will be, but I feel a lot better about the shape of my nose so far.

Tahiza, Azerbayjan


Great team, qualified, experienced and courteous; more than enough information regarding the prep, actual procedure and aftercare; and my results makes me highly satisfied about going to Dr. Milan Doshi for my lipo. Wouldn’t go to anyone else, for any future procedures. Thank you!

Nazneen, Qatar