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Mommy Makeover Surgery in Mumbai

About the Mommy Makeover Mumbai

Motherhood is a joyful time in every mother’s life. It’s a time to experience change and embrace a new body, which oftentimes, may not be the one you wished for. Although your children are the focus of your life, that does not mean you don’t deserve to feel confident about your appearance.

It is a very natural human tendency to want your old body back since gaining weight, stretch marks, and saggy breasts can quickly transform your appearance and affect your self-esteem negatively. It only takes nine months to experience this change but it could take a long time to lose the weight.

“Mommy Makeover,” is a combination of post-pregnancy plastic surgery and skin treatments. These procedures are primarily meant to address the unwanted physical effects of pregnancy that cannot be reversed through diet and exercise alone.

The Mommy Makeover Surgery Advantage

Mommy Makeovers are uniquely personalized treatment plans, and your doctor will help you select the procedures best suited to your case, based on your cosmetic goals, budget, health, and desired timeline. While none of the procedures are intended to be weight loss treatments, following your Mommy Makeover, you could enjoy a sleeker, younger looking figure that more closely resembles your pre-pregnancy body.

It’s the perfect combination of Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation and a few other face rejuvenating treatments. This is a prime example of the cost savings you can achieve by combining surgery. In addition to the cost savings you will receive by combining these surgeries, you will also have only one period of recovery rather than two. These procedures combined can help women unhappy with their postpartum appearance get their confidence back.

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Time Required

Time Required

2-4 Hours





Pain Level

Mild to Moderate

Hospital Stay

Hospital Stay

1 Day



2-5 Days

Success Rate

Very high

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What is Mommy Makeover Surgery

Mommy makeover could be a combination of all or some of the below mentioned procedures:

Breast Surgery

Breast lift surgery reshapes your breasts’ natural tissues into a more lifted, youthful shape.

Your surgeon will remove extra skin, lift your nipples higher on your breasts, and create a more perky, youthful shape.

In many cases, mommy makeover patients choose to have both a Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation performed at once.


Abdominoplasty, known commonly as “Tummy Tuck” surgery, is designed to remove excess skin around your midsection.

Depending upon how much excess skin and fat tissue you wish to remove, surgery may be minimal – often called a mini tummy tuck – or may be more extensive, involving liposuction around your hips and flanks.

Arm and Thigh Lifts

Arm and thigh lifts are designed to trim excess skin and fat from your upper arms and thighs to provide a toned, fit look. Mommy makeover procedures more commonly include thigh lift surgery, but some women find that an arm lift is an excellent complement to the results they can achieve with tummy tuck, breast surgery, and other procedures.


Liposuction can be an excellent addition to most mommy makeover procedures. Though it is often an essential part of abdominoplasty, arm lift, and thigh lift surgeries, it can be applied to other areas in which stubborn fat deposits have developed.

Facial Treatments

Mommy makeover patients often choose to undergo facial rejuvenation in addition to their body procedures. Your surgeon probably will not administer them at the same time as the body contouring procedures, but at a later date, they can add a dramatic complement to your overall appearance. The most common facial rejuvenation treatments performed along with a mommy makeover include:

Laser Treatments

Lasers can resurface your facial skin, reduce acne scarring and enlarged pores, stimulate collagen production, and generally refresh your look. Laser treatments can also remove unwanted hair that may have developed during pregnancy.

ALLURE MEDSPA:The Best place for Mommy Makeover Mumbai

Mommy makeover procedures at Allure MedSpa are customized to deliver the desired results to each individual patient. Dr. Milan Doshi at Allure MedSpa has been performing Mommy Makeovers with superb precision and outstanding results over the years. This is why we are thrilled to invite you to read our online Mommy Makeover reviews and see what our patients are saying. The permutations and combinations of treatments are decided depending on various individual factors.

Mommy makeover is best in the hands of a surgeon who is a great listener, with an artistic eye and a great reputation. Dr. Milan Doshi and his team at Allure MedSpa is the best choice you can make.


Because a mommy makeover is an extensive procedure, you will require general anesthesia, meaning you will be completely asleep during surgery.

Allure MedSpa has some of the best anesthesiologists in Mumbai. Our anesthesiologists take patients’ vital functions, including breathing, heart rate and blood pressure during the surgery.

Privacy & Confidentiality

We at Allure MedSpa care follow highest standards of privacy and confidentiality ensuring additional comfort for our patients. For your privacy and protection, we maintain a strict non-disclosure policy.


A compressing garment is usually placed over the operated area. The applied pressure helps drain fluid excesses. Massages are also very important. They ensure the patient that the areas treated are all uniform, and the contour is as natural as possible. Your doctor can prescribe you painkillers to help you manage the pain. Recovery time is about 10 days to two weeks long.

The prognosis of the Mommy Makeover depends on the procedures opted for. It is always advisable to club a few procedures together to save the best on recovery time given the time constraints moms have.

Mommy Makeover Cost

A mommy makeover primarily focuses on the midsection and breasts, but can also address the thighs or virtually any other area you choose. The Mommy Makeover Cost can vary quite a bit, but in general, the cost of undergoing several procedures at once will cost less than undergoing each procedure individually. Your consultation is your chance to ask questions about Mommy Makeover Cost and put your mind at rest

Alternatively, our Counselor will call you at your convenient time. Request a consultation right away: Book an appointment

Quick Facts about Mommy Makeover

Are you the right fit for the Mommy Makeover Surgery?

There are many factors to consider before undergoing a Mommy Makeover, such as your current health and lifestyle, the areas of your body you want to target, and how post-pregnancy plastic surgery will affect your family life.

Ideal Candidates

  • If you have successfully lost weight after your pregnancy, but you have been unable to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat and sagging skin, you are probably a good candidate for the cosmetic procedures commonly incorporated into Mommy Makeover plans.
  • Mommy Makeovers are suitable for women who gave birth naturally, as well as those who underwent a C-section. In fact, if you have scarring or sagging skin as a result of a caesarian, a Mommy Makeover can be a great way to address these blemishes. Additionally, if you have suffered a hernia around your naval, common after giving birth to twins or triplets, a doctor can often repair this damage at the same time that he or she makes cosmetic enhancements.
  • In order to be considered a good candidate for a Mommy Makeover, you should be at least 21 years old and in good health.
  • You should also not be planning to have any more children. A past Mommy Makeover will not threaten your health or that of your child.However, it could reverse the results of your cosmetic treatment. For this reason, many doctors will advise younger women to wait a few years before making the final decision to undergo a
  • Additionally, you should only pursue this treatment because it is something you want to do, have realistic expectations and enjoy good health.

Comprehensive care, before, during & after Mommy Makeover Surgery

Our dedicated post-surgical section is designed with your comfort and care in mind. Our entire staff from the expert team of anesthesiologists, nurses, cosmetologists and outstanding dermatologists at Allure MedSpa will ensure you are treated with utmost care and warmth.

The Aftercare Advantage

A compressing garment is usually placed over the operated area. The applied pressure helps drain fluid excesses. Massages are also very important.They ensure the patient that the areas treated are all uniform, and the contour is as natural as possible.

Our comprehensive aftercare program focuses on your unique, individual needs. A nurse, dietitian, our cosmetologists and a fitness advisor work with you to provide all the help, support and expert advice and aftercare plan specific to you.

Pre-operative requirements in order to undergo Mommy Makeover Surgery

  • You must have a dietician evaluation.
  • You must have a psychological evaluation.
  • In addition to a complete medical history, your physician and anesthetist will perform a complete physical examination to ensure you’re in good health before undergoing the procedure. You will undergo blood tests or other diagnostic tests.
  • You may be asked to begin exercising and alter your diet some weeks before surgery.

Patient preparation before Mommy Makeover Surgery

All surgeries require preparation. This helps the procedure to be more effective and helps the body heal faster.

  • Patients should stop smoking prior to surgery.
  • Blood thinners and aspirin should also be avoided except when approved by your surgeon or doctor.
  • Be sure to eat healthy, well-balanced meals. Proper nutrition plays a key role in healing properly. You must have a high protein diet, for at least 3-5 weeks.
  • Home recovery is also very important. You must prepare everything ahead of time that way your recovery is pleasant and restful.

Book Surgery with Allure MedSpa

  • Plan your travel dates and simultaneously check with us for doctor’s availability on those dates.
  • Send us a copy of your air tickets
  • We shall accordingly plan your consultation and Concierge service (optional) and get back to you with all details

Allure MedSpa concierge service
Allure MedSpa’s clientele comprises of local, out-of-town patients. A good percentage of patients also ‘fly-in’ from out of the country to have surgery with our renowned surgeons.

We are pleased to offer and arrange comfortable lodging, restaurant, and commuting to ensure a memorable pre-and post-surgical experience for our out-of-country patients. Please feel free to contact the Counselor +91 9869041559 for assistance with any of your travel and planning needs.

After effects

Swelling and bruising appear in the first few days and can last up to 2-3 weeks. A compressing garment is usually placed over the operated area. The applied pressure helps drain fluid excesses. Massages are also very important. Your doctor can prescribe you painkillers to help you manage the pain. Recovery time is about 10 days to two weeks long.

Results will last for

You will see improvement immediately after your mommy makeover.Most patients are elated with their new and improved contours after surgery.

Your result will look much better at 6 weeks and continue to improve to a final result that will be visible at 3 months.

The results may vary in case of different procedures performed and patient’s collagen levels. Patients with good collagen experience optimal results.

Next consultation if required

At Allure MedSpa, our support doesn’t end when you achieve your cosmetic and health goals. Lifelong follow-up with our multidisciplinary team is encouraged, helping you to achieve and maintain optimal results. For more information on Mommy Makeover Mumbai and our extensive aftercare program or to schedule an appointment, call Alluremedspa at Patient preparation before: +91 9869041559

Mommy Makeover Before and After Photos

Mommy Makeover FAQS

Liposuction can reduce the appearance of cellulite significantly, but it does not eliminate it.

It is hard to tell. Some women cannot breastfeed even before undergoing this procedure. Others may be affected by the length and time of the procedure. Most doctors avoid damaging the areola and the nerves connected to it. If the surgery gets done correctly, the patient may not lose her ability to breastfeed.

Your plastic surgeon will ask about your general medical history and examine your areas of concern. This is the opportunity for you to discuss what bothers you. Together, you will devise a treatment plan that addresses your concerns and is surgically feasible.

It can be done in one or two stages, depending on how many areas need to be addressed.

It is some combination of the following: breast lift, with or without augmentation; breast reduction; abdominoplasty(also known as a tummy tuck); mini-abdominoplasty (mini tummy tuck); and liposuction.

It can be done in one or two stages, depending on how many areas need to be addressed.

If more children are planned in the near future, it is better to wait, especially on the abdominoplasty. Additional pregnancies are possible following abdominoplasty. However, the final result may not be as good if the tissues are stretched again with another pregnancy.

No, the incision for the abdominoplasty is at the same level on the lower abdomen. Some women have bothersome extra skin that hangs over their caesarean section or hysterectomy incision. An abdominoplasty can remove this scar and skin in order to smooth the contour.

When childbearing is complete and a stable weight has been achieved. Significant weight gain or loss after surgery may diminish the final result.

Hernias at the belly button are very common in women who have had multiple pregnancies or twin/triplet pregnancies. These hernias can be addressed by a general surgeon during the same operation. This combined procedure allows the patient to have a single recovery. Our Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Division and General Surgery Division work closely to assist patients with this.

The risks are similar to most major operations. They include wound healing, bleeding, infection, and seroma (fluid collection) formation.

The best way to prepare for an operation is to understand why you are having the operation, what exactly will be performed, and what your results are likely to be. If there are medical issues such as high blood pressure or diabetes, these should be well controlled prior to surgery.

The incisions will depend upon the procedures chosen and the techniques utilized by your surgeon. In general, for a breast lift, there is a circular incision around the areola which is carried straight down toward the fold under the breast. It is sometimes called a “lollipop” scar, as this is the shape. Placement of an implant (augmentation) can be done through this same incision if needed. For the abdominoplasty, there is a linear incision from hip bone to hip bone which can be hidden under the bikini line. Depending on the type of abdominoplasty, there may or may not be a circular scar around the belly button, as well.

Yes, it is not possible to perform these operations without making incisions and leaving scars. Once the incisions are fully healed, your plastic surgeon will instruct you as to how to minimize the scars and help them fade over time. With careful operative technique and attention to scar management post-operatively, it is our goal to have the finest, smallest scar as possible.

Depending on the types of surgeries chosen and whether the breast, abdomen, or both are addressed, recovery times will vary. You may go home the same day. Alternatively, your plastic surgeon may recommend an overnight stay if extensive surgery was performed, or if you have other medical issues. Recovery can range from one to four weeks in most cases.

It is helpful to have friends and family available to assist you in caring for children for the first week after surgery. Recovery can range from one to four weeks in most cases.

Two to four weeks is the average. Some women feel better sooner and choose to return to work one week after surgery. Patients are asked to refrain from heavy lifting for one month.

After meeting with you in Allure medspa, Dr.Milan will give you his thoughts as to whether or not you are a good candidate for a Mommy Makeover, but in general, ideal candidates are:in their 20s-40s and do not plan any more pregnancieshave given birth to their last child at least 6 months prior to their makeoverdo not smoke

The changes that take place as a result of pregnancy and breast feeding – the sagging breasts, the flabby tummies, the stubborn pockets of fat – can all be addressed at the time of your procedure. Dr. Milan will sit down with you and carefully listen to what your goals are for your procedure, as some women are looking to simply reclaim their pre-pregnancy physique, while others want a more dramatic enhancement to their look. He will then outline a plan for your procedure, and address each area of concern, which can include:Enhancement of the breasts, through augmentation, lift, or bothNarrowing and flattening of the tummy, through a tummy tuck, liposuction, or bothContouring of the hips, thighs, and buttocks through liposuction

Your recovery will depend in part on the type of procedure or procedures performed as well as your individual ability to heal from surgery. In general, Dr. Milan recommends 10-14 days off from work, so that you may recover in the comfort of your home. Most procedures are outpatient procedures (you will not need to stay in the hospital) and take 2-4 hours. Dr. Milan will see you at regular intervals after your procedure to monitor your progress, and most patients report feeling quite comfortable between 2-3 weeks after their procedure.

For an estimate on how much cost of Mommy Makeover surgery in Mumbai or to arrange consultation call Allure Medical Spa on +91 98690 41559.