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Cutaneous Facelift

Cutaneous Facelift

Cutaneous Facelift Surgery in Mumbai, IndiaIt is no longer a hidden fact that as you age you tend to develop loose skin and wrinkles. No one wants to look old, but we have no option. With the plastic surgery procedures like Cutaneous Facelift surgery gaining popularity, you will be able to turn back the clock and look your best once more.

Am I A Good Candidate for Cutaneous Facelift Surgery

All these conditions and defects will make you a good candidate for the Cutaneous Face lift surgery:

  • Saggy or low elevation of your skin
  • You want a more tighter and firmer look for your face
  • Your lower face area has loosen up and you need a tighter neck area

Methods of Cutaneous Facelift Surgery

The surgeon first examines you before starting with the surgery. Your surgeon will ask you every type of question to determine the type of surgery you will need. Your skin type, age, skin elasticity, medical woes will be first inspected by the surgeon, after that the surgery will take place.

The procedure starts with making incisions around the ear and within the hair line to allow doctors the ability to dissect the skin from underlying muscle. The surgeon later removes the excess skin and stretches the  skin that has remained to the incision point before closing with sutures. Due to the skin’s ability to stretch the technique gives a lifter and elevated look to your face. Anesthesia is used wile proceeding the surgery so that you do not feel any discomfort or swelling over time.

Post-Operative Care and Result

A little bit of swelling and bruising is quite normal  after the surgery. The swelling and bruising will be gone after a week or so. After few weeks you skin will settle down and give more natural look to your face. Taking proper medication is must for quicker recovery.  You may be instructed by the Cosmetic Surgeon to wear a tight pressure dressing around your face area for the first few days after the surgery for better comfort and healing.

Procedure Cost

You will be happy to know that the surgery  can be undertaken by anyone as it is a very cost effective method. We at Alluremedspa take pride in providing the best of services and best of cure. Our set of well known surgeons are known for their precision and aesthetic value in plastic surgery. Trust us, you will be very happy with the care that we provide. This is your chance to enhance your beauty in the most affordable price.

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