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Health Check Up

Any kind of surgery warrants the need to undergo a health checkup. You should take every necessary precaution to prevent any issues with regard to surgery.  A pre-surgery physical and medical exam will be undertaken to ensure you’re healthy enough to undergo any of the procedures we offer.

Routine Blood Test

Cbc, ESR
BS-F /PP/ Random ? HbA1c
Renal profile: Blood urea/ Sr. Creatinine
Liver profile: SGPT / SGOT
BT / CT / PT
Blood group, Rh
Urine – routine/ microscopic



Special Blood Test (Minimal 12 hrs fasting required for)

Sr. Lipid profile
Free T3, T4, TSH
Sr. Iron, TIBC, Sr. Transferrin/ Vit. B12/  Vit D3
Sr. Cortisol at 8 am
PCOD profile, fasting/ PP insulin { 3rd day of cycle }

Radiology / X – ray chest (PA view)

USG abdomen = pelvis – look for hernia in standing position
Mammography/ sonomammography
For rhinoplasty – X – ray (PNS), CT -scan(PNS) / limited

Other Investigation

ECG / 2D-echo

Physician reference of fitness for operation