Tummy Tuck Surgery Testimonials: Fine To Fabulous Journeys

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Allure Medspa has strong bond of caring and trust it has the foundation of a great relationship. By taking the time to get to know each patient and helps to get the results that fit you and your lifestyle. Thank you for all of your support! Dr.Milan Doshi and Staff.


I cannot express to you how thankful I am of all the attention and professionalism that you have exerted towards me. I am very pleased with the end result. Thank you Dr.Milan Doshi


When I had my surgery he was there for me every day if I had questions or concerns. He has truly changed my life. Now I can shop for any cute sexy tops and wear them without feeling self conscious about my stomach. You’re the best!!!!


I am thrilled with the results of my Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) and liposuction. Although at first I was a little hesitant to choose the procedure, I am extremely happy with the outcome. Dr.Milan Doshi and his staff are very professional and caring. They monitored me during every step of the surgery and the recovery time afterwards. Dr.Milan Doshi is a skilled artist.


I love the positive comments my friends and even strangers about my slim healthy body. I don’t look like I had surgery. I look naturally slim and trim. I feel and look younger! It is wonderful to wear fitted clothes and not having to worry about a fat stomach.


I Chose Dr.Milan Doshi because of all the surgeons I talked with, he was the most realistic and straightforward about exactly what to expect. By performing LipoAbdominoplasty, he was able to remove more skin from my abdomen giving me a flatter appearance. Before, I was all bellies. Now, no more over blouses and I’m wearing jeans I haven’t worn in several years. I’d have to say my belly button is a work of art! Dr.Milan Doshi’s surgical skill and bedside manner are second to none and his staffs are the best! The whole experience was excellent and I would definitely suggest it to others.


I lost my weight through diet and exercise, but with that came excess loose hanging skin. I visited many surgeons in regards to tummy tuck but I was apprehensive about drainage tubes and recovery. I found Dr.Milan Doshi through a friend and I was immediately impressed. The LipoAbdominoplasty was less invasive and he was realistic and straight forward with the entire process. After the procedure my tummy is super flat…it’s awesome! Now I wear everything fitted and can even wear a bikini. It made a huge difference in my life, physically and psychologically. He is marvelous, a great surgeon and a very caring, attentive doctor.


After the birth of my third child and the long and hard workouts to get my body back in shape, my abdomen decided not to cooperate with me. I did a lot of search so I decided to consult Dr. Milan Doshi in the first consultation itself I had the utmost confidence and respect for him and his opinion. A few questions later and going over the information with my husband, we decided to go for it. The surgery went fabulous Dr.Milan Doshi and his staffs are extremely professional and caring.


I received calls from Dr.Milan Doshi checking on me during my recovery period. My confidence has skyrocketed and I actually feel great. My friends compliment me all the time and they can’t wait to get theirs surgery done. I can only speak from my experience that this was the best thing I have ever done for myself in my life and I couldn’t have picked a better doctor and his staff to give me this gift. Thank you with all my heart Dr. Milan Doshi.


Dr. Milan Doshi took all efforts to understand what exactly i want he made sure he understood what I wanted to achieve and advice me lipoabdominoplasty. I very much thankful to him and very happy with results it’s exactly the same what I needed. I do modelling and much happier now won’t have to do much Photoshop anymore thanks to Dr. Milan Doshi.


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