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Things You Should Know About Eyelid Surgery

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Eyelid Surgery in Mumbai, India

Puffy eyelids are not just unattractive they also make you look old and tired. These are right under your eyes and refuse to budge no matter what you do.  No amount of makeup can make it better and products are simply ineffective on puffy eyelids. This leaves most people in a conundrum but the solution is simpler than you think. The answer lies in Eyelid surgery (or Blepharoplasty). This procedure can help take care of puffy eyelids, excess eyelid skin, eye bags, droopiness and other eyelid issues.  Having any of the aforementioned issues can make our look old prematurely; make you look fatigued or even angry. In Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), plastic surgeons cautiously eliminate the excess skin and fat under eyes. Here is what you need to know about eyelid surgery before you decide to undergo the procedure.

1) Subtlety

You need to know that the surgery will bring about a lot of change but nothing dramatic. The chance and effects will be subtle. However, you can enjoy the benefits of looking younger, fresher and brighter. The fatigue and age that marred your face will be erased. Your eyes will look more youthful and open.

2) Board certified surgeon

This is probably the most important aspect of the surgery, the surgeon. The surgeon is the captain of the ship who must steer it in the right direction. For this,the surgeon needs to be experienced, excellent at his work and well reputed. More than anything he or she needs to be board certified.

3) Its ok to be nervous

Having a surgery so close to your eyes is and can be nerve wracking. We understand your hesitancy and fear. However, at a good, reputed clinic like allure MedSpa and under the care of a celebrity surgeon like Dr Milan Doshi, you will be safe and fine.

4) Final results

Results will not be immediately visible. Your results will take time to appear. There will be swelling and bruising that is associated with the surgery, which will take time to subside.

5) Recovery

The roadto recovery would be a long and tedious journey but it would be worth it. You will have to take it easy, rest and relax to get better. Use this time wisely and to your advantage so you can have the best results.

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