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Things To Know Before Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Mumbai, India

Nobody wants to go through the torture of waxing and threading for hair removal. Shaving will only bring back the hair faster and coarser. Hair removal creams are just as effective as shaving. In short, none of the aforementioned options is suitable if you are looking to get rid of your body hair for good. However, laser hair removal works great if you are looking for a permanent solution. However, you must know few things before you decide to for laser hair removal.

Skin Tone

Those who are worried about their skin tone, complexion and color post laser treatment need not worry. With advanced laser technology, Laser hair removal can now be safe and effective on almost all skin tones, although certain lasers may still work better than others for darker skin tones.

Hair Color

Laser works on all skin tones, but unfortunately not for all hair colors. Laser hair removal only works for darker hair colors and will not be effectual on blonde, white or light red hair. That is because Laser hair removal works by targeting the pigment in the hair follicle, hair with low pigmentation does not have sufficient melanin for the laser to target and absorb.

Hair thickness

Laser hair removal also works better on people with thicker hair, rather than very fine or thin. Laser works far better on thicker hair than on thinner.

Multiple sessions

Laser hair removal needs multiple sessions for the effect to take place. The sessions itself are not long but you will need at least 6 to 8 sessions to be completely hair free. This will ensure that unwanted body hair will not come back.


Once start your laser hair removal treatment, it is crucial to stay out of direct sunlight for the duration of your laser hair removal treatment. This means you have to avoid or stop tanning yourself completely.

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