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Things That Help You Evaluate Your Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

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The first step to changing this about the way you look is a cosmetic surgery consultation. You have researched the doctor, heard the recommendations and so now it is time to actually visit the place, the person and assess if this is what you want. How does one come to the conclusion on how you should process with the treatment? The best answer this is to rely on your own judgment. It is essential for you to make this decision for yourself. You must be the one who decides what you need and how those needs must be met. To begin with always zero down on what you choose based on a few facts that will affect how the whole decision plays out. Here are a few pointers on how to choose the clinic and the doctor that you will entrust your appearance and health with.

1)    Credentials

Your surgeon should be open about his own credentials and those of his team. It is important for him to be open about the credential of his team as well if necessary. These are the people who would be treating you. When you undergo the proverbial knife it is important for you to have a team of people you know are qualified to meet all your needs. Don’t be afraid to ask them about their qualifications, years of experience, board certification etc.

2)    Accredited surgical facility

Before undergoing any surgery, it is essential to know whether the surgical facility is equipped with uppermost standard for safety, hygiene, anesthesia administration, and emergency care and latest technology for surgical procedures.  Make sure that this surgical facility is an accredited on which is regularly audited to ensure they meet their high standards.

3)    Realistic goals and assurance

Always choose a doctor who helps you set realistic goals. Anyone who promises you the moon and stars is definitely not real and cannot be trusted. Every surgery is a scientific procedure. Your doctor should help you choose rather than dictate. The doctor should always be open to telling you what is possible and what is not.

4)    Open about risk, benefits, procedure and cost

Your first ever consultation should give you a clear picture about the risk of the surgery, the benefits, what the procedure that entail and the cost. The doctor must walk you through the procedure and outline the risks while highlighting the benefits. Being transparent about cost is very important. If your doctor skirts around any of these points you should go ahead with the surgery.

5)    Before and after

Your doctor should not only tell you what you are in for abut also show you what it looks like. It is vital for your doctor to be in possession of his work. Like an artist has a portfolio and cosmetic surgeon has before and after images.Your doctor must have plenty of those pictures to show you what his handiwork looks like. This will also give you are clearer picture of what you are in for.

6)    Place and the people

A surgery is as good as the people performing it and place it is being performed. The hospital should be well equipped, neat, and hygienic and stocked with friendly, warm staff. The surgical procedure makes anyone nervous, hence it is vital for you to be in a place that not only assures you of its neatness, but also have affable people to ease you into your surgery.

We at Allure MedSpa pride ourselves in meeting these requirements fully. Not only do we have an accredited practice, we also have qualified, warm and friendly staff, a hospital that boasts of the latest technology and affinity for using the latest surgical techniques. Above all we have Dr. Milan Doshi(M.S., M.Ch), who forefronts out operations. He is internationally qualified (Member of ISAPS –International Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeon).When you choose a surgeon and a hospital choose sensibly to reap the best results.

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