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Surgeries For Women To Regain Their Confidence

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Cosmetic Gynaecology in Mumbai, India

A woman’s complete confidence in herself arises from her mental acuity, her physical appearance, her career and her self-perception. Distortion in the way she sees herself might occur if she feels unattractive in body mind or soul. In case of body, thankfully there are procedures top help her overcome her doubts.  A women’s body and her confidence linked to it doesn’t start or stop with outer appearance. Her inner most confidence and happiness also depends on how satisfied and confident she is about her personal life. Often prolonged physical relationship and childbirth result in women no longer engaging sexual relations and in many cases neither do their partners. For many women it is the fear of a broken hymen that triggers anxiety. This is true in case of women belonging to many Asian and middle eastern countries. So here are a few cosmetic surgery that can help women in the above mention circumstances.


Hymenoplasty repair hymen restoring it to nearly pre sexually active status in a woman’s body. Post in child bearing or prolonged sexual relations might loosen a woman’s vagina, which makes sexual intercourse for her and her partner quite unpleasant. Hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure involving repairing and rebuilding sections of the hymen (usually the upper-layer of tissues) that have been damaged. After the worn out tissues are eliminated, the residual ends are stitched together. This recreates a star-shaped hymenal ’ring’. This ring emulates the original hymenal structural before it was wrecked. This newly created structure will blend together over time. Over a period of time this will come to resemble the original hymen.


Vaginoplasty is the procedure that helps you tighten your vaginal muscles and recreate or repair the vagina to its original appearance. A full Vaginoplasty procedure takes about one to two hours to complete. Patient is administered general anesthesia. The surgery usually involves drawing the pelvic floor muscles nearer, eliminating any loose extra skin and scar tissues. This results in tightened vagina that is far more pleasurable for sexual activities and it also makes vagina look more youthful and healthy. Vaginoplasty not only repairs the damages of childbirth and aging, it also gives back women their confidence, making them feel more feminine and young.


Extended labia are a cause of discomfort in day-to-day life and source of embarrassment during intimate moments. This robs a woman of her confidence. Labiaplasty can correct this issue and have a woman feel better about herself in no time.

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