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Stigma Over Plastic And Cosmetic Surgery- It Needs To Go

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In a world of glitz and glamour we lead a dubiously double life. Often vanity is confused for pride. This quagmire of various schools of thoughts leads people to connect vanity to quest for beauty and vice versa. In a nutshell, people often connect quest of good looks to beauty. It is this school of thought that has earned plastic surgery and consequently Cosmetic Surgery a stigma as the agent of vanity. Most people associate any enhancement of the body with the help of plastic and cosmetic surgery. People are often ashamed to talk about any kind of enhancement done to their body.This primarily rises out of self doubt, insecurity and fear of ridicule. It is a well known and accepted fact that celebrities often undergo plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures to retain their good looks. But nobody ever talksabout it as they fear judgment and condescending remarks regarding their looks.
People are often judged for wanting a Breast Augmentation, Face Lift or Botox. These surgeries enhance your beauty and often add to your looks, essentially adding something they naturally lack. The society can be a downright cruel to those who lack essential beauty elements and any attempts to enhance is also met with much distaste. It is pertinent that know that everyone, no matter who they has the right to look good and should never be embarrassed for wanting to look good. There is nothing wrong in striving to be a better version of oneself. But it’s not just good looks that drive people to plastic and cosmetic surgery. There are many who seek to get rid of their birth defects or unwanted souvenirs of accidents. People often tend to denounce plastic surgery as fake while there is an ounce of truth here, it must be said doctors strive hard to give their patients a natural look that draw attention to their existing beauty.
The benefits of plastic surgery aren’t just for good looks, along with physical deformities, plastic surgery also helps people lose weight, get rid of excess fat and skin, correcting oversized breast that will prevent back trauma and get rid of Gynecomastia etc. It’s not just getting a good body, with plastic surgery people regain their lost confidence and it is a great boost to their self esteem. A surgery that changes the way people look at will, make a world of difference to those who have always had self image issues.Nobody should be shamed for undergoing cosmetic surgeries any more than a person who chooses to wear make-up or use other appearance-altering products. While excessive surgeries are never recommended, people should never be ashamed of choosing something that makes them happy and harms none. Surgeries that help you lead a far more fulfilling life should never be looked down upon. At the end of the day plastic surgery is a personal choice, something that gives everyone a chance to look the way they have always dreamed of.
In pursuit of liberty and happiness, if a little nip and tuck helps you go a long way, it should never be frowned upon. Plastic and cosmetic surgery helps you celebrate beauty and individuality while being a safe and scientific process.
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