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Social Media's Undeniable Impact On Selfie Craze

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Today “being comfortable in your own skin” is hard to come by with every beauty magazine you flip or social media feeds that you go through. The selfie syndrome has hit most of us and there’s no denying so! This is not a world for the self-effacing where social media is hounded with likes, followers, fans and shares.With enhanced cameras and make up guides you can surely mask the flawed skin but would they hide the bump on the nose, or extra fat on the waist that you gathered over the years?
While many resort to Photoshop edited selfies, social media enthusiasts and the self critical are increasingly finding the need to get to the root of the problem using cosmetic surgery. Be it for a cosmetic correction or enhancement, looking one’s own best is apparently not just for the selfie obsessed but has paid offpeople from all walks of life.

Selfies spurring Cosmetic Surgery trends

The selfie craze has definitely changed the cosmetic surgery landscape. 2016 saw the exponential rise in young people in their mid twenties going for Fillers, Botox, and for other less invasive surgeries like Breast Augmentation and Liposuction.
The above report also confirms the trend setting among patients younger than 30defying the concept of age-related cosmetic surgery demands. There is no doubt about the social media pressure that triggers this phenomena and the demand for highly skilled cosmetic surgeon to manage requests and deliver their aesthetic expectations.
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Before perfecting your Selfie, take into consideration an expert’s advice!

While the strive for the perfect selfie continues to rise, it is good to keep in mind that altering your appearance in agreement with what is trending on social media is not understandable if it doesn’t aim for self- improvement. Cosmetic surgery aims at enhancing the overall appearance to put your best self forward and it takes an experienced, skilled professional with an artistic eye and an extraordinary attention to detail to meet your expectations. So choose one wisely!
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