Rhinoplasty Testimonials: It’s our Treasure

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Awarded by WhatClinic
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Pranali Padwal Mumbai, India

Kuldeep Sharma Mumbai, India

Ms. Seema, Mumbai


just want to say thank you so much for being so wonderful, talented and making me feel totally comfortable at my pre ops and the day of both of my surgery’s with you. I was so nervous about my nose job because I have seen some pretty bad nose jobs, but I am Very happy with my new nose you created. It was well worth it. You and your staff were so helpful, friendly and informative. I just want to thank you all for taking such great care of me. I’ve always hated my nose and especially hated it in pictures, but now I love my nose and love to show it off in photos.I felt great and could see a beautiful new nose. Thanks again for everything you are an amazing plastic surgeon and artist Dr. Milan Doshi.


Dr.Milan Doshi has given me the nose I should have been born with.. He and his staff were brilliant. My results are amazing and have made all the difference to my well being. The man is a genius.


I consulted Dr.Milan Doshi and decided he was the one who would do my surgery; I had my surgery and was so happy. I don’t look like I had a Rhinoplasty it looks so natural, when I look back at photos I wish I had done it years ago. People can’t believe that I’ve had my nose done. His staff is excellent, very professional knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you Dr. Milan Doshi for my new nose, you did a great job!


My family, who was very hesitant about the procedure, thinks I look a lot better too. I myself was also extremely nervous, but Dr. Milan Doshi‘s staff was very caring and patient in telling me everything I needed to know. Before my surgery, I consulted with many other Doctors. I decided on Dr. Milan Doshi because I think he is very experienced and precise. He knows what he is doing, and I really like what he did with my nose.


I found Dr. Milan Doshi through the Internet and was completely amazed with his credentials and experience. After consulting with several surgeons, I decided to have Dr. Mialn Doshi perform my surgery. Dr. Milan Doshi’s work on my nose has completely changed my life in the best ways possible. I now have a very high self-esteem and am very confident. Dr. Milan Doshi’s technique has left no scars on my nose what so ever! My nose has a totally natural look to it, and none of my friends or family could guess I had anything done. I highly recommend Dr. Milan Doshi to anyone considering this procedure!”


The moment you received my letter, and phoned me, I felt like I was in the right hands. Dr. Milan Doshi you not only are brilliant with your mind and with your skillful hands, but also with your heart and compassion. You walked me through my nose process giving me your time and answering everything I threw at you. Dr. Milan Doshi you are a great Doctor and a wonderful person. The meetings that I had with you always made me feel better and better in life. Thank you and the wonderful people in your hospital for helping me through my hospital stay. Thanks from my heart.


Dr. Milan Doshi thank you for the wonderful job you did for my nose. As you have told me before, now that much of the swelling has subsided, I am breathing much better and love the feeling of being able to breathe like a normal person. I also love the fact that I have a straight and smooth humpless nose.


“Dr.Milan Doshi you have made a tremendous difference in my self-esteem, in how I feel about myself. I don’t know how I could ever display the gratitude I feel towards you. Thanks a million for all your care and kindness. Thank you”


I’ve always been self-conscious about my appearance; this surgery has been a tremendous boost to my self-confidence. Thank you


“I was very pleased by the care and courtesy offered by you and your staff. You could not have been any nicer. Your surgical skills are excellent and my daughter’s nose looks perfectly natural. Thank you.”


“I want to express my appreciation for your surgical skill in performing the operation I needed, and also for the kind, considerate and caring manner with which you managed the entire procedure from initial consultation through the postoperative phase… I am fortunate to have you as my doctor. Many thanks for making my experience so easy and ‘pleasant.

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