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Restoring Hymen With Cosmetic Surgery

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Hymenoplasty surgery in Mumbai, India

Hymen is membrane located in vagina. This membrane is tightly stretched and runs across lower part of the vagina. The membrane does not obstruct the flow of menstrual blood. A lot of women often lose their hymen as a result of active sports such as gymnastics, horseback riding, or cycling. Use of tampons or sexual activities will also result in loss of hymen. The amount of importance placed on a woman’s virginity does not need to be explained. Most countries in the world view an intact hymen as a sign of purity in women.Women all over the world and chiefly from South Asia, Latin America and Middle Eastern cultures are to a great extent worried about their virginity and often request to bring back their “virginity” as it means unsullied for them.

For a number of women, it is imperative that their hymen be unbroken while unmarried due to cultural, religious, social or ethnic reasons. Therefore, hymen restoration is now one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures for women around the world. Hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure involving repairing and rebuilding sections of the hymen (usually the upper-layer of tissues) that have been damaged. After the worn out tissues are eliminated, the residualends are stitched together. This recreates a star-shaped hymenal ’ring’. This ring emulates the original hymenal structural before it was wrecked. This newly created structure will blend together over time. Over a period of time this will come to resemble the original hymen. Therefore when the time comes, the tissue will tear and bleed as it did before it was damaged. This is a surgery that requires a lot of precision, laser is also used for Hymenoplasty. By doing so, there is more accuracy, surgical wound control, a smaller amount blood loss, lower risk of vessel and lesser tissue damages as well as faster recovery time. This gives better and far more effective results.

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