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Questions To Ask At A Facelift Consultation

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Facelift surgery in Mumbai, India

Facelift surgery turns back the effects of age on the face. Facelift can help to turn around the damaging effects of age, stress, and exposure to the elements.  This surgery lifts and firms sagging facial tissues, giving your face a much more youthful appearance. Facelift removes excess sagging skin, smooth out deep folds, and lifts and tightens the deep facial tissues. All of this makes your face look a decade younger. Your journey to a younger face starts with a consultation. Consultations are very important and you shouldn’t simply treat it as a visit to the doctor. You might have many queries in your mind. Your consultation is the best time to have them all answered. Here are a few pertinent questions that you should definitely ask.

Am I a good candidate

Your candidature for the procedure is very important. Ask your surgeon are you a good candidate. Ask your doctor about the age cut off and if the stet of your health poses a problem. During your consultation explain your goals, expectation and what you hope to achieve. Convey your ideas of the result so your surgeon can evaluate your candidature for the surgery.

Can I combine my facelift with other procedures?

If you are interested in undergoing more than one surgery at a go, ask your doctor if you qualify. A lot of people don’t know that procedures can be combined. So If you are looking for enhanced results and are wondering of combined procedures can give you the results you seek, ask your surgeon at the consultation.

Will I look like myself?

This is basically to outline your goals of what you want to look like. A facelift should leave you looking refreshed and younger. The goal is to look a better version of yourself not somebody else. If you have worries about what the results will look like, clarify it with your doctor during the consultation.

What if I lose weight? will it affect my results?

Saggy skin is a downer. Facelift addresses this problem effectively. Losing weight will bring about a fresh bout of worry regarding saggy skin. However small weight fluctuations will not affect your facelift results. But it would be better if you can clarify this with your doctor regarding the same.

What will the recovery be like?

Recovery is something that gets everyone jittery. Use your consultation to know about your recovery periods. Explains your own schedule and lifestyle so your doctor can explain how to go about your routine in a way that does not disturb your recovery process.

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