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Protecting Skin From Smog

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Skin care Treatment Mumbai, INdia

The monstrous smog in nation’s capital seems to have engulfed the very life of the city. However, it is not just Delhi that needs to fear smog and its ill effects. Smog is present in low quantity all over most cities. This disastrous mix of toxins in air will ruin your health. Wearing a face mask can only do a very little for your lungs. But what about your  skin? You skin if left unchecked and exposed to the perils of air pollution and its devastating detects. So without much ado, here are a few tips for skin care that will help you keep your skin safe from smog.

1) Cleanse your skin

The acidic levels in the air are quite high. This leads to dryness, which makes skin susceptible to infiltration of harmful particulates that are present in the air. Your skin needs to be kept clean and moist. Use a cleanser that will keep your skin clean but well hydrated.

2) Use a toner

Create a ritual around keeping your skin clean. It should include toning.  After cleansing the skin, it is necessary to counter balance it with a good toner. A mild, relaxing toner helps get rid of oil, dust and filth on the skin. This will help your skin fight the high acidic level in the air.

3) Scrub

Scrubbing is the best way to clean your skin all the way. Scrubbing will help dislodge any dirt and grime that cleansing and toning must have missed. In addition scrubbing will also get rid of dead skin and reveal fresh skin.

4) Use oils

Use oils instead of moisturizers. Oils are made of natural ingredients and unless you have allergies, they do not harm skin in any way. Oils acts as a barrier that does not let outer contaminants to enter the skin.

5) Sun Block

Use a sun block before stepping out in the sun. It will protect you not only against UV rays but also against pollutants in air.

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