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Procedures Designed To Improve Vaginal Areas

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Cosmetic Gynecology Surgery In Mumbai, India

Beauty is just about looking good, beauty is about feeling confident in whatever you do. However, there are different kinds of confidence and lacking one of them can affect your life in more than one way. Your intimate body parts are just as important as other body parts. One such area is sexual confidence. Many women lack sexual confidence, as they believe they have rather ugly private parts. This leads to them to having a sex life this is free from self-doubts and worries. This will in long-term effect the way they perceive themselves and their lives in general. Luckily, these issues no longer need to be hidden or tolerated. Cosmetic gynecology has solutions to all the issues that ail you.

1) Labia Reduction

Abnormal skin folds at the opening of the vagina can be not only disturbing but also distressing. This can and will make most women uncomfortable while wearing clothes or if they make any sudden movements. However, most importantly, this can be viewed as ugly and will rob women of the joys of sex as well as severely tarnish their confidence and private life. Labia reduction reduces and reshapes the labia minor and can be performed on both sides of the labia. This surgery preserves the natural curve, pigmentation and sensitivity of the labia minora with non-visible scarring.

2) Hymen Restoration

A lot of importance is placed on a woman’s virtue. It all comes down to an intact hymen. Hymen is a thin piece of vaginal mucosa (membrane) that stretches across the lower part of the vagina. An active sex life, playing sports or use of tampons can break the hymen. Moreover, some women are born without it. However, in many cultures intact hymen is considered as a symbol of woman’s virginity. Women from various parts of the world are worried about the questions that would be rained on their chastity and therefore seek to restore their hymen. Hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure used to restore a hymen. Apart from this laser too, is used to consult hymenoplasty, which makes this procedure safer, with surgical wound control, a lesser amount of blood loss, fewer risks of vessel and lower tissue damages and faster recovery.

3) Vaginal Tightening

Childbirth and an active sex life can lead to loosening of a vagina. Over the years, this will worsen, resulting in women having little to no sexual pleasure. Vaginal tightening is a reconstructive surgery that tightens the vaginal canal. The surgery reduces the internal and external vaginal diameter while tightening the vagina, and making the perinea body stronger, while eliminating any excess vaginal lining. Muscles of the vagina and perineum are made tighter and toughened; this gives a stronger pelvic floor and a tighter and narrower vaginal diameter.

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