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Mumbai Is India’s Cosmetic Surgery Capital

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The medical tourism in India is a growing sector. Though it is quite unregulated, it is a booming industry. India ranks in the top five global destinations for medical tourism; cosmetic surgery is a huge part of this. Most experts believe that the Indian cosmetic surgery sector is growing heavily though the exact number of tourists who visit India every year just for cosmetic surgery is not known. This is due to the fact that many combine cosmetic surgeries with their travel itinerary.  The surgeries in India are world class yet they are quite cheap as compared to their rates in many other countries. This is responsible for the swell of tourists in India. If the figures are to be believed 50-60% of tourist who visit India for cosmetic surgeries end up having their procedure in Mumbai. Though Chennai, New Delhi, Bangalore, even Goa and Kolkata too see their fair share of tourist, Mumbai gets the top spot.

Mumbai has catapulted to the top slot for cosmetic surgery in India. The reason for this is the fact that Mumbai has hospitals with the best facilities, highly trained staff and expert surgeon who specialize in over 175 invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures. What propels the whole thing further on is the fact that people can now not only afford to have these procedures they are finally beginning to see beyond the taboo of cosmetic surgery. In Mumbai the upper crust of the society indulges in the heavy duty procedures, whereas even the middle class are seeing and reaping the benefits of laser hair removal. No longer do men have to suffer Gynecomastia nor are women helpless at the hands of oversized breasts. Mumbai boasts of surgeons who are professional and excellent as their western counterparts. This in turn makes Mumbai the Mecca of cosmetic surgeries that is associated with the best surgeons and the most advanced clinics.

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