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Maintain The Results Of Facelift

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Facelift is a boon for those who have been plagued by saggy skin, wrinkles and signs of aging. Facelift surgery turns back the effects of age on the face. Facelift can help to turn around the damaging effects of age, stress, and exposure to the elements. This surgery lifts and firms sagging facial tissues, giving your face a much more youthful appearance. Facelift removes excess sagging skin, smooth out deep folds, and lifts and tightens the deep facial tissues. All of this makes your face look a decade younger. Here are a few tips that will help you in the long run.


It is essential to protect your skin form sun. Using a good sunscreen goes a long way. Sun damage can ruin your skin and wreck your results. To prolong the results of your facelift, use a good sunscreen. Make sunscreen a part of your skin care routine. Do not leave house without it. Apply a liberal amount before swimming or any outdoor activity.

Go healthy

Eating healthy food will bring a natural glow to your face. Eating fresh fruits, vegetables and right amount of vitamins will help you stay healthy. Being healthy will help you stay young and keep your results for a longer time. Drink plenty of fluids and avoid junk food. Most importantly stay away from nicotine and alcohol.

Good skin care products

People often put their faith is wrong skincare products. Your skin deserves nothing but the best. Using the right kind of skin care creams especially medical grade. Don’t fall for brands, ask your dermatologist for the best products that suits your skin and will not mess with your results and procedure.

Botox and fillers

While facelift is an excellent procedure, there is no harm in supplementing its results with Botox. Botox will not only keep your skin smooth, supple and wrinkle free. Fillers will also add volume to your skin and lip. Fillers will help fill out the hollows and help you have much more defined facial feature.

Undergoing facelift is only half of the battle. While face lift can give you ten years of youth, the trick is minting your results. Don’t just rely on the surgery, be active in maintaining your heard earned results.

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