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You knew liposuction targeted belly fat until this!

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Liposuction Belly Fat
Liposuction surgery is the most popular as well as the most versatile procedure to slim down and remove the excess fats from the body. In fact, it can even be used on delicate areas near the face.

The only way to know if it can treat the area with which you are concerned is to visit experienced cosmetic surgeon for a one-on-one consultation.

We will discuss here about the top five areas where one can achieve results with liposuction:

Enlarged male breasts

Gynecomastia or enlarged male breast can be treated with lipoplasty surgery. Depending on the amount of excess fat and whether significant excess skin is present, the liposuction can be used to remove the fatty tissue.

Upper arms

Flabby arms can be toned with upper arm liposuction. The procedure is simple and one can get results after few months of the procedure.


Well, who likes those flabby skin under the chin. The skin surely adds age to your face and can distort the definition of your profile. Liposuction can remove this double-chin fat so that you feel more confident in your skin.


A neck liposuction is a sure shot way to slim down your little sagging neck. It will remove the extra fat in the right way to provide a slim, toned neck that you can flaunt with a beautiful piece of jewellery.


Well, not to forget the most important part of the body where we accumulate most of the fat, that is our tummy. Who even wants a round, pot belly. Quickly get rid of that muffin top with the stomach liposuction procedure.
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