Liposuction Testimonials: It’s Our Treasure

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Liposuction testimonials- patient stories

I’m a very thorough, type-A person and I did a lot of research before deciding on Dr. Milan Doshi . He spent a lot of time explaining the procedure to me during our consultation, and I felt totally comfortable with my choice. The day of the procedure I was definitely anxious, but the staff was very helpful. The next day I was a little sore, but not too bad, and I was able to do my work with no problem. I really couldn’t believe I’d had surgery just the day before. It’s been a week now and though my results are not final, I can definitely already see changes and I’m very happy I did it. I would highly recommend dr.milan doshi and his entire staff.-(HR Executive) Aradhana, Mumbai, India.

“I am a happier, more self-confident person, more outgoing and not afraid to be noticed anymore; feel sexier when I’m with my husband. Especially when he notices how nice my new body looks.”-(Housewife) Jasmina, Mumbai, India.

“Much happier about how I look, clothes now fit, I feel better.” -(Emp/ Call Center) Jasmina, Pune, India.

“Your staff made me feel comfortable and at ease.”– (Model) Anju, Keral, India.

“Everybody seemed very concerned and gave me honest answers to all my questions. Staff was very professional and polite.”– (Housewife) Seema, Navi Mumbai, India.

“Clothes fit! I feel great! I have a flat stomach!”– (Accountant) Seema, Navi Mumbai, India.

“I feel that I look better and probably exude more confidence.”– (Accountant) Yasmin, Panvel, India.

“Through out the entire procedure I felt confident in Dr. Milan Doshi. He explained the benefits and risks to me. He never pressured me to make a decision to have lipo. Dr. and nurses took great care of me-making sure I was comfortable. and the surgery is in affordable liposuction price” – (Model) Anagha, Mumbai, India.

“Always treated with respect – couldn’t say enough about the staff.” – (Student) Mansi, Mumbai, India

It was a life changing experience. Dr.Milan Doshi and his staff were great and very kind. I would recommend liposuction india to anyone who just had that nagging bulge that a diet could not get rid of. Heena,I have started to show some of the signs of sun, lifestyle and my age, basically, things are starting to wrinkle and sag. I wanted to cut a few years off my face, jaw and neck and my friend suggested I should try liposuction. This is a laser procedure that breaks up and removes the fat cells where other treatments fail to work. Its like regular liposuction, but my liposuction surgeon told me that it is safer to use on my neck area. I got the treatment and I am happy with the results. I didn’t feel any pain at all and my face and neck already look a few years younger and fresher.I am all excited about the results and I recommend liposuction to anyone willing to have a younger and more toned appearance.
(Social Executive)Nisha, Mumbai, India

I used to have some not so noticeable pockets of fat on my hips and back, which failed to cooperate with my diet and exercise. So I asked my doctor what I should do about it? He recommended liposuction. I had the treatment 2 weeks ago and I’m satisfied with the results so far. I must say that I was a little scared about the pain as well as liposuction price, but I only experienced minimal discomfort during the liposuction treatment and I had a fast recovery with amazingly little downtime at all. Some bruising, but nothing major though. I’m all excited about my new looks and I am enjoying my tighter, more toned hips. – (Fashion Designer) Amita, Mumbai, India


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