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Liposuction Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you confused with a lot of questions about the liposuction procedure? Do you know the right information about liposuction? You landed up on the right page!

  • Liposuction is an answer for those experiencing the stubborn fat deposition
  • You have an option to contour your body figure as your wish & expectation
  • You will now enjoy your life in a truly and appreciably fashion sense
  • Try the stylish outfit and flaunt your figure with confidence

There is no wrong to continue with your diet & exercise to maintain a healthy body, but every person has a different timeline regarding how effective these options are. However, it is inevitable to attend the primary consultation with your surgeon to know more about the liposuction surgery and how it would be beneficial in achieving a properly contoured body.

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Patients at Allure Medspa look for information from plastic & cosmetic surgeon, Dr Milan Doshi to understand the procedure better and get truly satisfied with the answers. One must know every fact and information concerning the procedure before choosing it as a final decision. Therefore, it is inevitable to land up with FAQs page will help you better in understanding the procedure in the right way.

FAQs About Liposuction Procedure:

Q.1: Is Liposuction an alternative for body weight reduction?

Ans:Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that corrects the body shape and size by removing the stubborn fat or unwanted deposition of fats from the localized body parts, it helps in body contouring more rather than body weight reduction. Therefore, Liposuction surgery is opted for achieving the alluring body shape to enhance once personality. And, it is recommended to do regular exercise and a balanced diet to maintain a good body figure.

2: Can All the body parts be targeted with Liposuction?

Ans: Yes, almost all the body parts can be targeted for liposuction process or fat removal, except the areas behind knee because of the presence of vital nerves and blood vessels.

Q.3:Is the Liposuction Painful?

Ans:Every surgical procedure involves some sort of incision, pain, and discomfort and liposuction are also not untouched. However, general or local anesthesia is given to the patients prior to surgery to minimize pain and discomfort, if any. Practically, it is a painless procedure due to anesthesia and the post-op measure is followed by the painkillers and other needed medications to subside discomfort as prescribed by the cosmetic surgeon.

4: Does Liposuction remove stretch marks?

Ans: Liposuction surgery is for removing extra or unwanted fat from the body and one can get able to hide scars possibly with other procedures, such as microdermabrasion or laser treatments.

5: Does Fat return after Liposuction Surgery?

Ans: The suctioned fats never come back to the treated areas, this is because of stop multiplication of cells after the procedure. The cells can be lengthened, not the number; however, there is no probability of gaining fat in the treated areas.

6: How many areas can be treated in one session?

Ans: We at Allure Medspa perform mega liposuction surgery routinely.There is a possibility of treating many areas in one session if the surgeon is expertise and proficiency in doing the same with many years of excellence.

All in all, cosmetic surgery at Allure Medspa are relatively easy to perform as we use the latest advanced technology and measure in order to get the best results.

7: Is it true that Fat cells never go away?

Ans: Just like other cells, the fat cells in our body die and get replaced over time, but liposuction surgery makes the possibility close of replacing the fat cells as it gets permanently removed.

8: What is the limitation of Liposuction?

Ans: Liposuction or body contouring process is for removing the localized fat and used primarily to get a contoured body. Other procedures such as Tummy tuck or body lift can be recommended for the above concern as it involves excisional procedure.

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9: Can I Conceive after Liposuction Surgery?

Ans: Yes, of course! You can have a baby after liposuction surgery. It is a superficial surgery, which doesn’t touch uterus or viscera.

10: Who is the right candidate to receive the Liposuction Surgery?

Ans: Anyone who is suffering from stubborn fat deposition can go for liposuction surgery if they have an ideal weight. It acts as a morale booster for obese people.

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11: Can kids undergo Liposuction surgery?

Ans: Basically, the liposuction surgery is allowed for those patients who are above the age of 18 years, but in some specific cases it is allowed for kids also. For kids, is allowed in a certain medical condition to correct certain medical issues, if parental consent is there.

12: Is there any side effects of Liposuction surgery?

Ans: Liposuction is a safe procedure without any kind of risks or discomfort if performed by the board-certified plastic & cosmetic surgeon. Some minor, side effects are very common, such as bleeding and pain, which can be minimized effectively by the prescribed medications.

13: What is the cost of Liposuction surgery?

Ans: The cost of the surgery basically decided by the needed areas to be treated and the technology used to perform the procedure. The cost is not straight as it varies from patient to patient depending on the physiological and anatomical status of the patients to receive the procedure. Some external factors, including clinic facilities, recognition of the surgeon, and the standard measure of safety & hygiene have also a pivotal role in the cost of the procedure.

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