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Liposuction Recovery Tips

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Alluremedspa - LiposuctionLiposuction is for those who stubborn pockets of fat that refuse to bulge despite a number of diets and stringent exercise routine. Liposuction surgery will help you get rid of this fat and give you a better body contour. If you have areas on your body that has faith that you are unable to get rid of, you can opt for liposuction. It is essential to notice that liposuction will bring down your weight considerably, but it is not conducive to weight loss on if own. The amount of fat that can be removed during a liposuction varies from person to person and the targeted area that needs to be treated. On an average amount of fat removed today is 8 to 10 Lb. This ensures that you will eventually that you have the body you have always desired. While getting a Lipoplasty surgery is one of the most important decisions, the next big thing is recovering from it. Proper recovery is important for the best results. Here are a few tips to recover well.

1)    Wear Your Compression Garment

Post your surgery you will be required to wear a compression garment. You must wear your compression garments as long as the doctor tells you. It helps reduce swelling, as well as compress the skin to the new body contour.

2)    Limit your movements
While you can go back to your routine life in a few days, ensure that you are not doing any strenuous activity that may set back your recovery. Limit the amount of time you move about to bare minimum for a few weeks.
3)    Take your painkillers
You will experience discomfort that is associated with any surgery. Your doctor will prescribe painkillers for the same. Use them, they make the pain bearable.
4)    Healthy living
Lead a healthy life, which basically means healthy, well balanced food, no alcohol or nicotine, no drugs other than your prescribed pain killers.
5)    Be patient
Don’t expect overnight miracles to happen. It’s a surgery and recovery takes time. Allow yourself to heal well to reap the benefits of your surgery. Be tolerant towards your body and allow it to heal.
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