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Important Things You Must Know Before Rhinoplasty Surgery

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Getting a Rhinoplasty is a decision that needs to be carefully taken. Now that you are ready to take the plunge, it’s time to stock on knowledge that you need to get through the days before, during and after the surgery. This is a surgery that will change the way you look and it will also change that way people look at you. Since doing anything to your face will affect your life in many ways, we understand your apprehensions. To ease you into the journey of cosmetic surgery, here are a few tips that will help you.

Take time out

After the procedure, you may experience some yellowing or swelling to which may last for a week. It’s best if you could take some time off for healing.

Be expecting Bruising and Swelling

The bruising and swelling is a part and parcel of a nose job. This will be gone within 7-10 days. To counter this, you need to keep your head elevated and try to avoid arduous physical activity.

No physically taxing work

While you are healing, avoid exercising within the first 3-4 weeks. Any kind of activity that puts a strain on your physique will set back your recovery.

Pain and discomfort

Pain and discomfort after the surgery is to be expected. You must keep the nasal airway clean and for discomfort and pain, you will be prescribed painkillers.

Normalcy will take a while

It might take a while for your nose to look normal again but the wait will be worth it. Your nose will look presentable, but the actual results will take a while to show.

Choose the right Surgeon

The most important aspect of Rhinoplasty surgery is choosing the right surgeon. Choose a board certified surgeon with plenty of experience and ample of before after examples to back his claim.

Revision Surgery

Though not always but sometimes a patient might need a revision surgery. This is quite rare but it happens. In the end it would be the patient’s decision to go through with revision Rhinoplasty and your surgeon will guide you through this.