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How to find the Right Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Centre

  • Dr. Milan Doshi
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Have you noticed unwanted issues that include deposition of fat in the localized body parts, spots, aging, freckles on your skin? Are you worried about the lack of facial & sexual appeal? Are you affected by cosmetic issues and your dermatologist recommended you to go for the first consultation with a cosmetic surgeon?

This is a million-dollar question where should you go for cosmetic & plastic surgery treatment and answer follow certain parameters that must be followed while choosing the right plastic surgery clinic for the cosmetic plastic procedure.

Choosing the right cosmetic surgery clinic/centre is the first & foremost concern that is research-based as one should go through a number of mediums to analyze the facts with authentic proof and aesthetic records.

Following is the top points to look for when selecting the right cosmetic clinic:

1. Comfort, Confidentiality & the Best Practice:

The cosmetic plastic surgery clinic should have concern towards the patient’s comfort, confidentiality regarding the patient’s details and they should meet the best aesthetic results of the procedure.

Before finalizing the option, you should look for:

  • Is your surgeon possessing a great interpersonal skill to convince you better with the polite nature and humble attitude?
  • Does the clinic staff focus on the patient’s support system and are they possess courteous behavior?
  • Does the clinic maintain the highest standard level for safety, comfort and hygiene measure?
  • Does the clinic maintain the record of their past patients’ result? You must ask ‘after & before’ photographs of the former patients.
  • A clinic should never advertise their patient’s results directly and if it is required they must hide the identity by blurring the pictures.
  • Does the clinic weigh a good status in terms of offering the best aesthetic results?

      At Allure MedSpa, we have great concern towards our patient safety and comfort that is why we maintain the ethical practice concerning the value of the surgery in terms of offering quality outcomes.

2. Who heads the Cosmetic Surgery clinic?

One should prefer only the accredited hospitals where surgery is performed by board-certified plastic & cosmetic surgeon. The surgeons gained recognition and reputation by earning the active membership from the leading plastic & cosmetic surgery societies, i.e., ASPS, ISAPS, APSI, IAAPS, IMA, AMC, etc.

You need to check the following aspects:

  • Does the clinic is run by the board-certified plastic & cosmetic surgeon?
  • Does the surgeon possess the recognition & accreditations from the reputed societies?
  • How much experienced your surgeon is in the field of plastic & cosmetic fraternity?
  • Does the clinic use the general anesthesia with a license to operate your state?

Our celebrity cosmetic surgeon, Dr Milan Doshi has a credit of offering cosmetic surgery for the last 20 years and happily satisfied thousands & thousands of patients across the globe. The excellency in the performance can be seen through the patient’s testimonials and ‘after & before’ photographs.

3. Exceptional Care

The clinic must be concerned towards maintaining the high-standard level for the cosmetic practices, including the cutting-edge technology, international level for safety & hygiene concern, and the big operating spaces equipped with all the latest tools and technology.

What you find at Allure MedSpa that can ease and assure about the best comfort as follows:

  • Our clinic is certified from QAIC, ISO 9000:2008 and a proposal for NAB has been submitted in this regard
  • We use high-end technology, including the VASER liposuction, power-assisted liposuction POWEREX , and laser liposuction
  • We have two centres in Mumbai one in at Andheri West and another one at Goregaon
  • We have 2 spacious operating rooms and 2 skin procedure rooms equipped with the latest technology and gadgets in the operating room to assist the patients in the best way
  • A separate preoperative preparation room and dressing room
  • We use ULTRASONIC CLEANER MACHINE and AUTOCLAVE ETO STERILIZATION to maintain cleanliness & hygiene measure, which helps in minimizing the chances of infections
  • The regular cleanliness & hygiene is maintained by high sterilization and fumigation
  • The outpatients get the accommodation facility at our hospital
  • Patient rooms at Allure MedSpa, feature private spaces with en-suite bathrooms, flat- screen televisions, dining/conversation areas, and comfortable sleeping options for patients
  • We also assist our patients to meet the medical tourism requirement in terms of guiding the famous sightseeing in Mumbai
  • Our customized services will give you a homely feeling
  • Our advanced operating room equipped with high-end Anaesthesia and Resuscitation technology and are highly sophisticated
  • We have an advanced recovery room adhere to the best follow-up measures
  • We have spacious areas in our clinic at prime location of Mumbai at Andheri West, which is easily accessible to the railway station and airport.
  • We maintain high-standard parameters, including the high-end technology, i.e., Lysonic 3000 ultrasonic liposuction, Fraxel CO2 laser machine, and US FDA approved diode laser, latest ‘in-motion’ tech.

4. Value for Money

As a cosmetic surgery patient one may have questions regarding the cost, but does the clinic meet the standard level, a million-dollar concern it is. Therefore, it is important to check the record, credit, and facilities offered by the cosmetic clinic in Mumbai not the cost ONLY. The cosmetic surgery is a worth decision to get back the aesthetic looks and here skills, talent, excellence, and experience does matter rather than the price concern.

While choosing the plastic & cosmetic surgery centre, do look for:

  • Does the clinic maintain transparency while putting the cost?
  • Do confirm the cost while consultation so that the burden of hidden cost won’t bother
  • Does the clinic have value for the price and are they offering quality treatment?

We at Allure Medspa give special attention while dealing with the patients and tried to assist the patients best in terms of cost, quality, and transparency. We don’t put hidden costs, however, it makes the procedure an easy dealing free from any kind of doubt or confusion.