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Liposuction Surgery in Mumbai, India

How Should You Prepare for Liposuction Surgery

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The liposuction surgery is also known as lipo or lipoplasty, a type of fat-removal procedure that is based on suction technique. The liposuction surgery removes fat from localized body areas such as buttock, chest, arms, legs, thighs, abdomen, hips, or neck and helps in achieving the desired body contour that is totally a surgeon’s dependent. It is your surgeon that gets able to define the proper shape, size, and contour of the body and removes stubborn fat from localized body areas accordingly. It is also called a body contouring procedure.

Planning to have liposuction surgery is more than having a solution to your problem as it also includes the exploration of the things associated with surgeon or centre. The planning of surgery is an important work t for your safe and smooth recovery and desired body contouring. it requires analysis and research and this is you who do the best of course

First of all, it is the most advisable to choose only the board-certified plastic surgeon to have the liposuction surgery and then only schedule the consultation.

His credential and reputation is paramount important. Once you get finalized or well-determined to choose the surgeon or center. Every single penny you spend you need revert for the same in the form of results or facilities.

How Should You Prepare for Liposuction Surgery?

The preparation of having liposuction surgery starts with identifying the candidacy and it is decided by your operating surgeon. It is important to evaluate your body fat distribution, quality of skin, and muscle tone in order to know that you will have real benefit from liposuction surgery.

What Are the Deciding Factors to Decide the Liposuction Surgery?

  1. Age: you should have completed 18 years. It is always important that you must have physiological and anatomical maturity to receive plastic surgery like liposuction.
  2. A Realistic Expectation: you must have a realistic expectation and a clear goal about the liposuction surgery. Operating surgeon will explain you what is achievable and what is not achievable and every point of concern related to liposuction surgery. This is the skills and dexterity of the surgeon that he decides a particular technique to solve the particular case of body contouring procedure.
  3. A healthy status: The person must have a healthy status and shouldn’t be afflicted by uncontrolled diabetes, restricted blood flow, coronary artery disease, or a weak immune system. Thus, it is always good to check your overall health prior to surgery so that the surgery will go smoothly.
  4. Ready to maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle: The prospective patient must ready to maintain a healthy lifestyle after liposuction surgery. It is important to follow diet and exercise in order to maintain long-lasting results.

Before proceeding to have liposuction surgery, it is very important to choose the expert cosmetic surgeon as well as the recognized clinic so that you can have the best results with safe and smooth recovery.

How to Choose the Liposuction Surgeon?

  1. One must choose a board-certified plastic surgeon to have the liposuction surgery as it assures the authenticity of the outcomes.
  2. The surgeon must have active membership from the recognized plastic & cosmetic surgery societies such as ISAPS, ASPS, IAAPS, and APSI.
  3. The performing surgeon must have expertise in performing the most advanced technique of liposuction such as 4D-VASER, LASER as well as excellence in the technique of body contouring procedure.
  4. The surgeon must have a credit record in satisfying his patients globally as one must go through the feedback threads posted by the past patients.
  5. The liposuction surgeon must have number of years of experiences and their excellent performance should have been satisfied with a number of his patients.
  6. The performing surgeon must have extreme dexterity and aesthetic skills and he should achieved recognition in the field by giving hands-on practices, presentations, conferences, and seminars on the global platform.

How to Choose the Liposuction Clinic?

  1. One must an accredited hospital and certified centre to have the surgery. It is very important to check the NABH-accreditation & ISO-certification of the centre while choosing the liposuction surgery centre.
  2. Clinic must have advance surgical and medical equipments.
  3. The centre must have a remarkable presence in the cosmetic fraternity world by maintaining a standard parameter for regulating the safety & hygiene concern.
  4. The clinic must have efficiency in performing the procedure via the latest technology and here it is important to check the availability of LASER & VASER for performing the liposuction surgery.
  5. The clinic must follow transparency in its cost system and everything related to the procedure must be discussed with the patient before proceeding for the surgery.
  6. The clinic must have an efficient patient support system with the availability of a healthy query solving support.

Some important Factors that you should keep in mind while planning the Liposuction surgery is described below:

Panning Before the Procedure:

  1. One must quit smoking two weeks before and after the surgery to attain a fuller recovery.
  2. You must know recovery varies from one patient to another thus you need to inform your surgeon about your medical history, present health, and chronic illness if any.
  3. You need to speak your goal with your surgeon that further helps in attaining the desired results. You can take representative photographs
  4. One must have the patience to attain a fuller recovery and everything related to the procedure should be communicated with the surgeon via personal consultation.

Planning for the Liposuction Surgery:

  1. It is an outpatient procedure so you can return the home the same day, but in the case of a significant amount of fat removal, you will be under overnight observation in the hospital.
  2. Whether or not you are in the hospital, you must have someone to take you home after the surgery.
  3. It is important to wear pressure garments 24/7 for a couple of weeks in order to reduce swelling. 3 weeks for 24/7 and 3 more weeks for 12 hours in order to achieve the desired body contour after the surgery.
  4. Drainage of body fluid from the incision site is common during the first 2-3 postoperative days.
  5. One can start cardio-vascular activities within 10 days and strenuous exercise can be started after 2-3 weeks following the procedure.
  6. It is important to keep your body hydrated and one should avoid taking blood thinners and vigorous physical activities until fuller recovery is not achieved.

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