Gynaecomastia Surgery Testimonials: It’s our Treasure

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Mr. Sudesh D.

I’m happy to have chosen Dr. Milan Doshi to perform my gynecomastia surgery. He has an excellent staff, all whom were attentive at all times. Every day for a week after surgery I received check up calls to ensure my recovery was progressing smoothly. The doctor was also very straight forward about the risks of the procedure and provided me a realistic explanation of what results I could expect. I’m happy to have done the procedure and recommend to anyone thinking about gynecomastia surgery to consider Dr. Doshi.

Mr. Rakesh

He has provided good after surgery care. After surgery I have met him around 3 to 4 times. I got fantastic results, much more than he promised. I never expected such a change. Now, I wander freely without formals. I have started wearing fashionable dresses. Thanks to Dr. Milan Doshi.

Ashish Gupta, Mumbai, India

I would like this opportunity to thank Dr. Milan Doshi for the lifetime rescue from the curse called gynecomastia surgery. The operation has changed my life from a lonely person to a very friendly, confident and fearless person.

Mr. Dinesh – Pune, India

“Doctor was very approachable, gave a complete outlook of the surgery, the surgery was conducted very successfully, and post the surgery the follow-ups were very helpful and the recovery was very visible as suggested by the doctor. Thanks to Dr. Doshi, this surgery has improved my overall body language .”

Rahul, Mumbai-India

I was self conscious about my chest my entire adult life. After having this minor procedure by Dr. Doshi I am very confident with the difference and I would recommend to anyone to make any change you feel like you need. I was very comfortable during my procedure…I chose Dr. Milan Doshi as my surgeon because of his reputation…The staff are friendly, give you personal attention and made me feel very comfortable.

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