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Getting Rid Of Lipoma Is Easier Than You Think

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Lipoma is a lump of fat that’s for the most part often located between your skin and the core muscle layer. A lipoma feels doughy and more often than not is not tender. It moves when pushed with slight finger pressure. People can have more than one lipoma. Most people fear any lump under their skin. A lipoma isn’t cancer and is typically harmless. Usually people don’t even seek out treatment. There are different theories on what causes lipoma. There is speculation that lipomas are caused by previous trauma. One theory is that injuries can cause fat to protrude through tissue planes in the body, creating a “pseudo” lipoma. Another theory is that trauma causes release of cytokines (a cytokine is a substance that is released by cells of the immune system. Cytokines can have powerful effects on other cells of the body). These cytokines may then cause abnormal growth of fat cells. However, to date, there is no proof that trauma causes lipoma. The causes of lipoma are still inadequately understood.

But if the lipoma bothers you in any way, i.e. it is painful or is growing, you can have it removed. Lipoma Removal surgery isn’t a complicated procedure either. Lipoma can be removed with either liposuction or excision method. Liposuction surgery  is often used on small facial lipomas because a favorable cosmetic result can be obtained through remote incisions. With the excision the incision is usually placed directly over the mass and oriented so that it is hidden by natural creases or wrinkles in the skin. This improves the cosmetic results. This method is used more frequently in lipoma removal. The best part about lipoma removal is that it’s a day care surgery. It takes only a few minutes for the procedure to complete. The recovery period is bare minimum, in fact a patient can return to work within a week.

Before you jump on surgery bandwagon, have yourself checked out by your doctor and take his esteemed opinion. It is important to know what your doctor feels about your lipoma. You also must choose a surgeon with years of expertise, skill and experience. The facility that you choose must be armed with latest technology and well versed in the use of the best techniques. All of these are available at Allure MedSpa, we believe that looking good is a decision, not luck. Take the right decision to watch your life change.

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