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Get Rid Of Extra Skin Post Weight Loss With Body Lift Surgery

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Body Lift Surgery In Mumbai, India

Losing weight is one of the most gratifying experiences for someone who has been obese for quite some time. After a long uphill battle, your body is finally where it should be. But a lot of time your skin, doesn’t contract with your body. In fact, one of the worst things out weight lost is the extra skin that refuses to go away. It looks gross and hampers any progress you made towards looking good. It makes you feel like everything you worked hard for doesn’t matter anymore. But for anyone facing this problem, do not despair, there is hope. Cosmetic surgery has given us amazing surgeries that can give you your body back or a new body altogether. Body lift Surgery is an answer to all those who have been worry about the saggy, loose skin that clings to the body after weight loss.
Body lift is a highly effective surgery for patients with excess skin, fat, and other tissues that linger after substantial weight loss. It is highly recommended after weight-loss surgery/ bariatric surgery. Body lift improves the shape and tone underlying tissue that supports skin and fat in areas such as abdomen, buttocks, thighs, Arms and breasts Body lift surgery is performed under General Anesthesia. Depending on the location of the surplus skin, the extra skin is separated from the underlying tissue, and redundant skin, fat is removed, re positioned and tightened. Body lift may consist of lower body lift, arm lift, thigh lift, buttock lift, breast lift and mid body lift. Two types of body lift surgeries can be performed at a time. Multiple sessions may be required for more. So two areas of your body can be improved simultaneously. You must take your recovery seriously and adhere to the instructions provides by the doctor. You will require 2 to 5 days stay at the hospital post body surgery. You can resume your office work and lighter activities in 4-5 days. Heavy, strenuous activities like swimming, dancing, gym should be avoided until will 4-6 weeks.
Don’t look at surgery with fear; look at it as an experience that will help you be a better version of yourself. Don’t let the fear of change keep you from discovering your beautiful self. At Allure MedSpa, we are dedicated to bringing out the best in those who seek it. If you wish to change the way you and the world looks at you, visit us.
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