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Frequently Asked Questions About Facelift Surgery

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Facelift Surgery in Mumbai, India

Your face is the first part of your body to fall victim to the signs of aging. It starts with something as simple as a wrinkle or fine lines and then it goes down the hill from here. None us want to grow old or battle the sings of aging. However, time, tide and aging waits for no one. Cosmetic Surgery is a wonder way to combat sings of aging, especially the facial ones. We are talking about facelift surgery. There are many queries that arise and since face is your identity, people are quite apprehensive about a surgery to the face. Here are a few frequently asked questions that will help answer a few of your doubts.

How long will it last?

The results of facelift surgery are quite long lasting. In fact, facelift surgery results if maintained well with good care, healthy lifestyle and cosmetic treatments can last for about a decade. You can enjoy quite a long period of beautiful and youthful face.

Will there be scarring?

The surgery, when performed by expert surgeons will not leave any visible scarring. While there will be cuts, they are usually hidden and very tiny. Over the period of time they fade away. No one will know where to look for the scar unless you tell them.

What is the recovery period like?

You can resume your office work and lighter activities in 2 – 3 days. Gentle exercises can be resumed within four weeks’ post-surgery. Heavy, strenuous activities like swimming, dancing, gym should be avoided until will 3 weeks

What are the risks involved?

There are always risks involved in a surgery. But the risks depend on the surgeon and the clinic. For e.g. we at Allure MedSpa’ proactively adopt a De -Risking process for Face lift surgery. We use the most advanced technology, techniques, instrumentation and anesthesia for the safest Face lift surgery and are able to deliver great result consistently.

What about the results?

Your results will depend upon how well you prepare for the surgery and how diligently you stick to your recovery regiment. At allure MedSpa, we have Dr. Milan Doshi, who is an expert cosmetic surgeon well versed with both the science and art of Face Lift Surgery. With his expertise and use of latest techniques and technology he delights his patients by delivery amazing result consistently.

Our celebrity cosmetic surgeon in mumbai, Dr. Milan Doshi has years of expertise, skills, and experience. Allure MedSpa is the best cosmetic clinic in mumbai that offer solutions to all types of cosmetic surgery related problems.