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Famous Pinoy Celebrities Overwhelming Transformations With Cosmetic Surgery

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Beautiful people can do better. In a society where we are hardwired for good looks, a leading plastic surgeon revealed that “pretty people not only  get a head start in life, they also tend to have better relationships and earn more money than their less attractive peers”. There is much truth to the fact that cosmetic surgery has offered powerful transformation to most celebrity personalities to step-up their careers to new heights given the thumb rule of beauty equating to good business.
According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), plastic surgery procedures have dramatically increased by 115 percent from 2000 to 2015. However, what’s significant is not just the growth in cosmetic surgery in the new millennium, but rather the shift in attitudes towards plastic surgery given the vast array of possible deletions, additions, and upgrades. With more options available than before, people are focusing on specific target areas of the body making subtle changes to extreme body modifications to achieve the look they desire.
With cosmetic surgery becoming more of the usual thing and a widely accepted fact in the beauty world, the Philippine entertainment industry is a colossal market for cosmetic surgery with Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation and Rhinoplasty and celebrities making well noticeable changes.
Here are some of the Top Filipino celebrity transformations that you can with cosmetic surgery-

  1. Cristalle Belo– Daughter of celebrity doctor Vicki Belo admitted to having undergone liposuction for her waistline in 2005 and looking glamorous having gotten rid of the unwanted fat.
  2. Angeline Quinto– The young celebrity singer rose to fame in the talent search undergoing several cosmetic procedures to enhance her nose, eyes, cheeks and liposuction on the back to achieve the kind of body and appearance you see today.
  3. Gretchen Barretto– The Filipina actress who launched her career with Regal Films, admitted to having her thin lips changed with Lip augmentation surgery giving her the perfect pouty lips.Angeline Quinto
  4. Jinkee Pacquiao– From simple to stunning, wife of the best boxer of all time Manny Pacquiao,Jinkee’s cosmetic surgery procedures like facelift and liposuction has caught the attention of many with incredible results.Jinkee Pacquiao
  5. Pops Fernandez– The Filipina singer and entertainer has been vocal to admit about her cosmetic surgery procedures with nose job and lip enhancement with visibly better features.

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