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Dr Shweta Sawalka

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Dr Shweta Cosmetic Dermatoligist
In an era when skin care is well buffed by latest skin care technology, people still go seeking all sorts of homemade remedies. But these remedies can only get you so far. What you truly need is good skin care and guidance for good skin care. But these don’t come from your regular over the counter medicines of the internet. You don’t get the best of skin care from Google. What you need is a doctor who not only guides you, but also can treat you for the myriad of skin issues you might encounter in a lifetime. But skin care isn’t the only thing a dermatologist does. They tend to wear a number of hats under their dermatologist guise. They specialize in various procedures that make your face look prettier and better. Their unparalleled expertise in augmentation of your face, lips, cheeks, and skin what makes them the cosmetology superstar. We have one such highly accomplished doctor here at Allure MedSpa, Dr. Shweta Sawalka.
Dr Shweta Sawalka is a doctor whose expertise has benefited both celebrities and common folks. She is known for her accomplishments in her tenure as a student and a successful Cosmetic Dermatologist. She is an M.B.B.S doctor with degrees viz. DVD, MD and DDV as well as FCPS and DNB. Not only is she highly qualified, she is also quite hands-on with her experience of treating patients as a house-officer, resident doctor, and an independent doctor in renowned medical institutions like Dr. R.N. Cooper Hospital and Kaya Skin Clinic. She has major certifications in cosmetology procedures like Botox, fillers, cheek augmentation, lip filling and nose augmentation. Her professional qualification include more than seven accreditations in the execution, structuring and design of oral and poster presentations made in her name. She actively participates and contributes to a lot of national and international conferences of dermatologists.  She is also involved in many social causes apart from her work as a dermatologist.
At Allure MedSpa her services of various dermatological procedures have won over quite a huge number of patients, who are enthralled with results of their procedure and swear by her professional expertise and skills. It is always best to submit yourself and your well being to an expert. They will help you attain your goals and be a better version of yourself.
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