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Dos And Don’ts Of Before And After Cosmetic Surgery

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Cosmetic Surgery In Mumbai,India
It may come as a surprise to many, but India is quite a hotspot for cosmetic surgeries. According to a global survey by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), India ranks fourth with 9,35,487 cosmetic procedures conducted in 2015 alone. The surgeries account for 4.3% of all procedures recorded globally. In last two years, this number has jumped exponentially. To be fair, it is a well known fact that everyone wants to look pretty.Using cosmetic surgery as a means to look good is an everyday thing in today’s day and age. Since has allowed the boundaries of Cosmetic surgery to grow wide and strong, encompassing various branches into its mission to make everyone beautiful. It’s not just about looking pretty anymore. Cosmetic procedures to help you get rid of what you dislike about your body. It helps you meet your mental image and raise your confidence to face the world.

Along with great opportunities like cosmetic surgeries comes the fact that one can’t rely only on surgery to work miracles. Surgery necessitates a lot of after care. To begin with, it is absolutely necessary for you to take a lot of precaution before and after a cosmetic surgery. The results you hope to achieve depends on how well you prepare for the procedures and the aftercare you receive. Here are a few precautions that will help you get the results after a cosmetic surgery.

1. Avoid cosmetics
This is the golden rule for any body altering procedure. Avoid cosmetic as much as possible. Allow your skin to heal and breathe with no external influences or anything to mar its progress.
2.Avoid outdoor
It is essential to say at home and allow yourself to recuperate than go about gallivanting. Travel only if you must and cannot avoid it. But generally it would be preferable if you stay indoors and allow yourself to heal.
3.Eat well
If you are on any kind of crash diet, it must stop immediately. Your body needs to be healthy to heal and respond to the cosmetic procures and the alteration it would bring. Make sure that eat a well balanced diet after consulting with your doctor.
4.Avoid medicines and supplements
Avoid any kind of medication that might harm blood clotting. It is essential for you to have a body with strong immunity as make sure that you include supplements that help you stay strong through recovery
5.Avoid strenuous activities
It is absolutely essential to avoid any strenuous activities that might hamper your healing. Most cosmetic procedures allow you to return to your normal activities within days but extreme work out should be avoided till your doctor permits you to do so.
6.Follow your doctor’s advice
Always ask your doctor and consult them before taking any major decision that may have an effect on your healing. It is essential to have your doctor’s opinion and advice to accelerate your healing and to achieve the best results.
There is no magic formula to attain good looks. Cosmetic surgery is the only thing that comes close to giving you the best of everything you desire. Be sure to your doctor’s advice and live healthy to keep the results of your cosmetic procedures for life long.

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