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Dos And Don’ts Before A Facelift Surgery

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Facelift Surgery in Mumbai, India

If you have chosen a plastic surgeon and decided to go through with facelift surgery, it’s time to know a few things that will make your surgery an easy and memorable journey. While your doctor will answer most of your queries, should you be stumped about something, you can always refer to the below given dos and don’ts.

Realistic Expectation

Make sure that you are the best candidate for the surgery. This essentially means not only are you bodily fit but also in great psychological frame for the surgery. One thing that is important to have before you sign up for the surgery is realistic goals. Don’t expect miracles and expect a long road to recover. Your recovery and results will largely depend on how realistic your expectations are.

No smoking

Nicotine can interrupt your body’s healing process, you must stop smoking at least 4 weeks before your facelift procedure and continue for another 4 weeks afterwards. This actually a blessing in disguise, as it will help you finally kick the habit for good. Quitting smoking will help you stay healthy and be fit for surgery and recovery.

Stop medications

Be honest regarding any medication you might be taking. There is good possibility that you will asked to quit medication before your surgery. As these medicines may have an adverse effect on your healing and on you during the surgery. Be aware that vitamins and supplements also count as medications. Be forth coming about your medication so your doctor can ensure your safety.


Recovery is going to be a long and arduous process and you should have no illusions regarding the same. Do not try to shorten your recovery and jump back into your normal routine. Your body needs to heal and for this purpose your need to relax. Refrain from anything strenuous and stressful during recovery. Follow your doctor’s instructions regarding the same.


Everything is easier if you plan it well in advance. Ensure that you have your surgery and recovery planned ahead. You will need to take a break from work, engage somebody for household help since you will be resting.

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