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Cosmetic Treatments For Holiday Season

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Cosmetic Surgery in Mumbai, India

Holiday stress is a well-known word for those who are subjected to more parties than they want to attend.  Winder season brings in thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year, which means your social calendar, is officially booked for a month or so. Your body takes the brunt of stress with all the party planning, parities and accommodating a busy schedule. The stress of it all shows on your skin, your face and your body. Since all the big events with your family, friends and co-workers are lined up; you will want to look your best. So here are a few cosmetic treatment that will not only help you beat the blues and stress but also look your very best.

1) Excessive sweating

You have been busy party planning or shopping for that perfect outfit. It has been a few stressful days as you race to meet the deadlines at work and for parties. It is inevitable that you will be stressed but nobody wants that evidence of it ruining his or her new party outfits or any out fits for that matter. If you one of the few who has had a lifetime of dealing with Hyperhidrosis more commonly known as excessive sweating, we can help you. Underarms are especially tricky areas to deal with and the best way to ensure that you do not ruin your outfits is Botox. Botox for excessive sweating is just as effective as it is for facial lines and wrinkles. Botox works by blocking never impulses going to the sweat glands. It’s a pain free treatment that takes hardly 10 minutes of your time. The best part is that the effects of this treatments last a whole year!

2) Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted body hair is quite a hassle during holiday season. Everyone wants to look good but having body hair that grows faster than you can get rid of is quite problematic. Here is where laser hair removal can help you. Laser hair removal not only gets rid of the unwanted hair but also prevents it from growing back. Laser hair removal lets you dress fabulously without subjecting yourself to the pains of waxing, threading or shaving.

3) Botox

Signs of ageing can put anyone out of their party mood and plunge them straight into the holiday blues. Fine lines, wrinkles and age spots will ruin your look. Signs of ageing make you look tired and old. Add stress to this mix and it contributes to the signs of ageing.  The best way to get younger, fresher looking face is by Botox. Botox relaxes facial muscles, which causes the line or wrinkle caused by the muscle to vanish. Both men and women can benefit with this treatment.

4) Dermal Fillers

Erasing the effects of time is an easy job. Being an active person who has a busy life makes this task quite tough. So how does one undo the damage done by signs of aging? The answer lies in dermal fillers. Laugh lines, marionette lines or lack of volume in your face will leave you feeling quite low. Dermal filler is non-surgical treatments that can be used to remedy these signs of ageing.

5) Non surgical liposuction

Too much fat and no time to work out? Is the holiday season ruining your diet? It’s time to lose unwanted fat without any surgical procedures. Non-surgical liposuction works by targeting fat and burning them. This leaves you with a wonderful body and no extra fat. The best part of this treatment is no downtime and the sessions can be completed in less than 1 hour.

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