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Calculate BMI

BMI takes your personal condition of being overweight and reduces it down to just a single number.  To arrive at this number, you’ll need to know your height and your weight.  These numbers are plugged into a formula which leads to a number: your “BMI”. BMI is basically a measure of whether your weight is appropriate for your height.  It’s actually an estimation of your body fat.

If you’re under 18 or older than 65, the BMI scale doesn’t work for you. 

BMI is calculated by using following formula:

BMI = Weight (in kilograms) / Height (m) X Height (m)


The various treatment options available for obesity are as follows:

Diet and Exercise: If BMI >23.5, certain lifestyle modifications, changes in diet, increase in physical activities, and practicing healthy eating habits can reduce obesity.

Weight loss drugs: If BMI > 27.5 with co-morbidities or >30 with or without co-morbidities, pharmacotherapy with weight loss drugs is recommended. Close medical monitoring is required while taking prescribed weight-loss medications. Check with Doc ??????

Surgery: If BMI >32.5 with co-morbidities or >37.5 with or without co-morbidities, bariatric surgery is the right choice of treatment. Weight loss surgery for obesity is the way out if other methods to lose weight have not worked.