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Septoplasty | Deviated Septum Rhinoplasty

Not every nose surgery is done to enhance or change the looks. Some nose surgeries are undertaken due to some major discomfort that takes place because of some accidents, birth problems, or other issues. In such conditions, the person in discomfort visits the surgeon to rectify the issue. They choose to opt Rhinoplasty to lead a better life. Since childhood they have faced this problem and sometimes it causes breathing problems. In such situations, the surgeon suggest Septoplasty or the repairing the Deviated Septum Rhinoplasty.

Septoplasty is a medical procedure that is done to correct or straighten the nasal septum. Nasal septum is the division between the two nasal cavities. We human beings breathe through our nose by inhaling air through our nostrils. Sometimes, these passages are blocked due to some reasons or an unfortunate incident that might have taken place long ago. People suffering from deviated septum often experience symptoms, such as snoring, pain, infections, and breathing difficulty. In such cases, surgery is suggested to bring relief to your life.

Septoplasty Procedure

The process involves the realignment of certain portion of the bone and cartilage in the nose. During the process, local or general anesthesia is used to save the patient from any pain or discomfort. The surgeon makes incision to make a way towards the cartilage, which is being treated. The process helps to straighten the septum and sutures are done internally.

Importance of Septoplasty Surgery

The patients get long-term benefits of the Septoplasty surgery. People, who have experienced excessive sneezing, irritation, and other ailments are freed from this distress. The operation takes couple of hours to perform and takes a few weeks of rest for it to heal completely. Local anesthesia is injected during the course of this surgery. The patient should be accompanied by a friend or family as often they complain of drowsiness after the Rhinoplasty surgery. Rest should be taken for there might be some swelling and bruises after the Nose Reshaping surgery,  and patients should follow doctors instruction for it to heal properly.

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