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High Profile Breast Implant

About the process

Since years a women is considered to be the most beautiful creation of God. We tend to enhance our beauty in some way or the other. However, time waits for none and with age we tend to grow older and our skin starts sagging. The breast is most affected in the process of aging. We always want a natural shape for our breast so that it gives a more enhanced look to our body. Many women consider the High-Profile Breast Implant procedure to give a more tighter and firm contour to our breast.

It is very important to consult an experienced doctor to proceed with the surgery. A well known surgeon of Dr. Milan Doshi’s stature can undertake such a complicated surgery. The High Profile Breast Implant needs precision and aesthetic values to provide a natural contour to a women’s body. Dr. Milan Doshi conducts breast implant surgeries in Allure Medspa. Dr. Doshi upon face-to-face discussion with the patient will explain the benefits as well as the risks involved with the Breast augmentation surgery.

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What is High Profile Breast Implant Procedure

High profile implants come in both Silicone implants and Saline implants. The high profile implants have increased anterior/posterior projection and have a reduced lateral width or diameter. These implants have a rounder shape to the breast implants.  Due to the rounder shape, it has reduced rippling and visibility.

The high profile silicone gel implants have a natural upper pole slope when placed in the dual plane technique. High profile implants give a tapered, less matronly and a more thin appearance in the breast of a woman. The implant has fuller and more projection. Many women prefer the High-Profile Breast implants as it gives them a more tapered appearance, has less visibility and rippling and has more advanced projection.

The procedure is undertaken by making an incision near the breast area by infusing anesthesia. Later, the implants whether silicone or saline is inserted in the breast area by Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Milan Doshi. After the conclusion of the surgery, the opening is closed with sutures.

Risk Involved with Surgery

The method is very safe. Certain precaution should be taken immediately after the surgery. The surgery is quick and you can go home next day after the implant is done. The risk is minimal. However, a woman should strictly avoid driving for some time after this surgery. You will be healed in no time. It is quite a affordable surgery and you are not required to stay in the hospital too. We at Alluremedspa will provide you beat of services in a minimum cost.

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High Profile Breast Implant Cost

Allure MedSpa which is renowned for its state-of-the-art internationally acclaimed services,offers affordable and cost effective cosmetic procedures. To know more about the cost of your procedure request a consult by filling the form below. Your consultation is your chance to ask questions about High Profile Breast Implants studies and put your mind at rest. Your surgeon will be able to offer you full explanations and answers to all of your queries.

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Quick Facts for High Profile Breast Implant

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High Profile Breast Implant FAQs

The Armpit incision is the latest form of surgery that is quite popular. In this form of incision, the cut is placed in the natural fold of the armpit; the result is that there are no scars involved with the procedure. The appearance and the length of the scar differ depending on the contours of your body and the size of the breast implants you have chosen. The armpit incision will help you get a desired shape of your body.

In this procedure of implants, the incisions are made near the armpit, where no scar will be visible. After that the surgeon will insert the implants through the incision that is being made. Depending on the enlargement that is required, the surgeon will make the adjustments. Later, the incision will be closed by making sutures. Over the time the scars will fade away and you will get a natural contour for your breast. The armpit incision procedure takes couple of hours to complete. Your surgeon will discuss about the type of inions you will be undertaken during the surgery. You can resume with your work after five to seven days of the surgery. You will be advised to take proper rest and keep yourself stress free.

It is a very safe surgery. The surgeon will discuss the pros and cons of the surgery before undertaking it.

Recovery period will vary from person to person. However, it will take 2 to 3 week’s times to fully recover after the surgery. Your surgeons will advice you about the time you can return to your work.

The incision made is very small, thereby it will not be visible and the scar will be gone after few weeks by proper medication.

Yes it is very important to maintain your diet and change your lifestyle. It is advisable to lead a disciplined life.

There might be some amount of swelling as well as pain after the surgery is completed. However, the surgeon will provide you with medications to get rid of it.

For an estimate on how surgery will cost, we recommend you to call us on +919869041559 or fill an enquiry form so that we can contact you for detailed discussion.