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Tumescent Liposuction Testimonials

I was very impressed with Dr. Doshi. I am a guy and have always had extra fat in my thighs/hips that I was never able to get rid of, no matter how much diet or exercise I did. I saw Dr Milan doshi for a tumescent liposuction consultation. Dr Doshi listened to me and understood my situation. He was honest about what I could expect and didn’t try to sell me on anything. I trusted him, and he did a great job. His caring staff is superb.

R.K.- Mumbai, India

My stomach has always bothered me since adolescence. I’ve always tried to hide it and now in my mid 50’s I look like I’m pregnant. After the tumescent lipo, it has reduced dramatically and I feel so much more confident. It is still hard and bumpy but still quite an improvement and I have been assured it will improve even more!

Sudha – Mumbai, India

I am loving my results more and more as the weeks go by. I have always had large thighs and love handles but now they are gone and I just love my new shape. I feel much better putting on jeans or going out for the evening…I chose Dr. Milan Doshi as my surgeon because of the things I heard about him through work and at the hospital(Cosmetic Surgery Center)…I really appreciate the friendliness from the staff…

R.G.- Mumbai, India