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Cosmetic Surgeries For Brides

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Cosmetic Surgery in Mumbai, India

A woman’s wedding is the most important day of her adult life only paling in importance to motherhood. It’s no wonder that women want to look their best on the D day of their lives. Cosmetic surgery is one of the preferred means to attain the perfection they crave. However, surgeries require recovery time and most of these will take time to show their results. Hence, any to-be-bride planning their wedding must plan their surgeries well in advance. Here is a time line to various surgeries that will help women plan their surgeries in a way that will help them look gorgeous on their wedding day.

Tummy Tuck Timeline

Dieting and gym don’t always do the trick when you want a flat belly. When months of hard work doesn’t do the trick a tummy tuck and/or liposuction might be the best solution. When planning a tummy tuck for your wedding, try to leave 4 to 6 months of gap between your plastic surgery date and your wedding day. This would give you sufficient time to relax, recover, and enjoy your new shape. Along with a good diet and adequate exercise post recovery, you will have a fabulous tummy on your wedding day.

Breast Augmentation Timeline

Getting a breast enhancement procedure in time for your wedding to look better and feel sexier is a great idea. It can take some time for your implants to settle into place and for swelling and bruising to diminish. Therefore, attempt to plan your breast augmentation at least 4 months in advance. It is important to let your surgeon know your wedding date is so he or she can help you chart out the picture-perfect timeline before the wedding mania can set in.

Skin treatment time line

A bride has the bridal glow, but not many know the number of skin treatments required to achieve it. Wedding planning can stress you out and take away the beauty of your skin. Don’t let it happen to you. To get smooth, glowing skin before the big day without surgery, you can undergo skin treatments like, dermal fillers or chemical peels. Although nonsurgical treatments usually don’t necessitate downtime, you should have these procedures done at least 2 weeks before your wedding. Some residual swelling, bruising, redness and peeling can happen up to about 2 weeks after treatments. This time gap between the wedding and treatments will give you enough time to recover before your wedding and enjoy your final results.

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